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Do you like robots?  Read on!

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Attention ALL robotics enthusiasts! The first ever Milwaukee Mentor Open Robotics Competition (MMORC) will be held in the Kern Center Fieldhouse on Saturday, October 12th, from 8:00 - 2:00. What is the MMORC? High school students from FIRST Robotics Team 1675, the Ultimate Protection Squad, from Rufus King, Bradley Tech, and Washington High Schools, have designed a game for adults to play. Participants can be any post high school individual or team - so MSOE students and staff are welcome to join the competition. The game is called Duck n Cover and details can be found at www.team1675.org/mmorc. The idea here is to give the high school students a chance to see how an event runs and develop planning and management skills while being inspired by the creations of their adult mentors. Teams can enter for just $25 and there are only a few simple restrictions on what can be entered into the competition - Vex, Tetrix, Lego, Arduino, RC - its all legal, provided it fits in the starting box, has no more than 10 motors, and uses no more than the equivalent of two 7.2 V batteries. Even if you won't compete, come check out the action on the 12th and see what FIRST Robotics in Milwaukee is all about.