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Applying online

Ethan Hillmer

I am attempting to apply online, and running into a problem.  After I hit submit, it states that I need to verify my first name. I have attempted to retype it many times, but it won't take.  Do you have any suggestions as to where to go from here? Thanks

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    Angela Wiscons

    I applied a few days ago, and this happened to me too. Turns out, I was adding a space after my first name--just by hitting the space bar--and it didn't accept that. Try not hitting the space bar afterwards for when you type your name, initially, and for when you verify it.

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    Seandra Mitchell

    Hi Ethan, the above advice is correct.  Typically this error occurs when you have "signed" your name at the bottom different from the way that you entered it at the top.  Try this recommendation, however please let the Admission Office know if this does not work.  We can be reached at: (800) 332-6763.