Minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The Minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship expands a student’s understanding of marketing, innovation and commercialization. The minor augments a student’s major and provides the background necessary for business development.
At least 27 credits are required for the minor, distributed as 21 “MS” credits plus six elective credits. The Minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship requires taking at least two courses (six credits) in addition to those defined in a student’s major program. If the major allows, one of these courses (three credits) can be used toward a program elective. The advisor for the minor will establish a plan of study for each student. At least 50 percent of the minor requirements must be completed at MSOE. Students in the BSBM, BSIB and BSMIS programs are not eligible to receive the Minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Required Courses

Students must complete 21 credits of required coursework from the following list. Substitutes are considered for select majors.
MS-221 Microeconomics — or — MS-2220 Foundations of Business Economics
MS-331 Business Law
MS-361 Marketing
MS-467 Marketing Research
MS-468 Promotion and Advertising Strategies
MS-469 Advanced Marketing Strategies
MS-3423 Innovation & Business Markets — or — All three of the following one-credit courses:
MS-3425 Entrepreneurship-An Overview
MS-3427 The Business Plans
MS-3429 Entrepreneurial Finance

Elective Courses

Students must complete six credits of elective coursework from the following:
HU-494 Creative Thinking
MS-273 Website Design
MS-327 International Business
MS-3330 Legal Aspects of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MS-342 Management Principles
MS-344 Organizational Behavior and Leadership Development
MS-3615 Services Marketing
MS-363 E-business Marketing Strategies
MS-365 Business-to-Business Marketing
MS-4601 International Marketing and Export Management
MS-462 Technical Selling
MS-4801 Project Management
MS-483 Database Management Systems
TC-242 Persuasive Speech
TC-342 Professional Presentation Techniques
TC-351 Organizational Communication


Dr. Michael Payne
Associate Professor

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