Every year, thousands of students visit MSOE to take part in a variety of specialized programs and competitions designed to foster and continue student’s excitement for the STEM fields. Find out how you can participate.

If you like computers, math and science, there’s a good chance one of our programs will interest you. Check out the ways we introduce you to the career possibilities at MSOE! 

Summer Programs

With MSOE’s Summer Programs, students will be able to determine if Engineering, Nursing or Business is a good fit for them as well as what is important to them in their college search.

FIRST Robotics at MSOE

Inspiring the next generation of leaders in STEM.

Early College Credit Program

The Early College Credit Program (formerly Youth Options or YOP) enables students from area high schools to pursue college course work at MSOE at the shared expense of your school district and MSOE.

Opportunity Conference at MSOE

The Opportunity Conferences are math, science and computer science competitions for high school students.

Regional Science Bowl at MSOE

The Science Bowl is a double elimination tournament-style academic competition that challenges and recognizes a student’s knowledge of science and mathematics.


The SMART and MAPS Team programs, facilitated by the Center for Biomolecular Modeling (CBM), are for small groups of students led by teacher advisors who explore protein structure-function relationships by designing and printing physical 3D protein models that help them develop an in-depth molecular story and communicate it to others.

Science Olympiad Protein Modeling

The Science Olympiad Protein Modeling Event is run by the CBM in conjunction with Science Olympiad, Inc. and teaches an in-depth understanding of a protein theme that changes annually. Schools compete at local, regional, and/or national events by developing representative protein models made from foam-covered wire called Toobers.