MSOE is committed to student success and satisfaction.  Therefore there is a wide variety of services available to help with whatever needs may arise and more.

Raider Center for Academic Success

Get connected to Academic Assistance through Tutoring, Raider Success Coaching and the Carter Academy.

Public Safety Services

MSOE is committed to student safety. Not only is MSOE located in a safe part of the city, there is a public safety presence on campus 24/7.

Information Technology Services

An MSOE education includes a laptop for each student that provides personal access to software that you will be using in class. Not only that, but there is a comprehensive IT support desk to help with your computing needs.

Services for those Living Off Campus

Commuter students are just as much a part of the MSOE community as those who live on campus. Therefore there are a variety of services that are designed to help with specific needs that commuter students may face.

Career Connections Center

The MSOE education is designed to prepare students to launch their careers. The MSOE Career Connections Center helps with career search and more.

Veteran's Support Services

MSOE appreciates the service given to our country by our veterans and seeks to meet the needs that may arise for veterans as they pursue an MSOE education. Find a list of services here along with contact information.