Need to see a Counseling or Health Services professional?

Click here for an anonymous mental health screening.

Concerned About a Friend?

Students can alert Counseling and Health Services staff about other students who are struggling. Privately share your concerns, along with your friend's name by contacting If your friend is having a mental health or physical emergency and you are concerned for their safety, please contact Public Safety for immediate assistance at (414) 277-7159. Unsure about what your friend may need? Come in to talk with a professional yourself or read more about signs of distress here.

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Counseling and Health Services

Counseling Services

MSOE's counseling services can help you find balance as you transition through your college career, experience stress, or go through a difficult time.

Health Services

Offering health resources and referrals to assist students during the academic year.

Sexual Assault Resources

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Public Safety. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, know you are not without help.

Meet the Nurse Practitioner