Minor in Business Management

Through core courses in management, accounting, finance and marketing, students gain a solid foundation in business management principles. The minor is perfect for those students who may someday wish to transition into a management position or even run their own company. The elective courses cover a wide range of topics, from leading project teams to supply chain management and real estate, so you can choose courses that interest you.

At least 27 credits of “MS” course work are required for the minor. The minor requires students to take courses above the minimum needed for his or her major. The advisor for the minor will establish a plan of study for each student. At least 50 percent of the minor requirements must be completed at MSOE.

Required Courses

Students must complete 21 credits of required coursework from the following list. Substitutes may be considered for select majors.
MS-221 Microeconomics — or — MS-2220 Foundations of Business Economics
MS-331 Business Law
MS-340 Production Management
MS-342 Management Principles
MS-354 Principles of Accounting
MS-356 Business Finance
MS-361 Marketing

Elective Courses

Students must complete six credits of elective coursework from the following:
MS-327 International Business
MS-3401 Applied Operations Management: Lean Techniques
MS-3403 Managing for Quality
MS-3411 Leading Project Teams
MS-3420 International Management
MS-3423 Innovation and Business Markets
MS-344 Organizational Behavior and Leadership Development
MS-358 Managerial Cost Accounting
MS-393 Quantitative Management Techniques
MS-3991 Supply Chain Management
MS-439 Principles of Real Estate
MS-4411 Compensation System Design
MS-441 Supervision
MS-442 Management in the Era of Rapid Technological Change
MS-443 Labor Relations
MS-444 Business and Government Relations
MS-448 Employment Law
MS-449 Human Resource Management
MS-450 Management Control Systems
MS-4599 Managerial Finance

Note: students in the BSBM, BSIB and BSMIS programs are not eligible to receive the minor in business management.


Dr. Michael Payne
Associate Professor

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