Electrical engineering (EE) is one of the broadest of the engineering disciplines. Electrical engineers work with very small devices such as integrated circuits, which are present in virtually any electronic device, and large items such as the electric power grid that stretches across the nation. Electrical engineers also work heavily with computers, particularly on the hardware side, but also may be involved with programming. Specialization areas in electrical engineering include electrical and electronic circuits, microcontrollers, motors, and wireless communications.

The week-long summer camp will introduce you to a few selected topics in the EE field. Many of the activities planned for the week involve hands-on projects for which working with your camp-mates and the instructors will be necessary.

Some of the topics to be covered are:

  • Building and testing an AM/FM radio kit
  • Learning about soldering and AM/FM signals
  • Building and customizing a robot from a LEGO(R) MINDSTORMS NXT kit
  • Competing in several events with your custom robot
  • Learning about modifying audio signals and images
  • Viewing and measuring signals using a digital oscilloscope

Learn more about Electrical Engineering

With an electrical engineering degree from MSOE, you will obtain the skills needed to design and develop a wide array of electrical systems and electronic devices: from communication systems that allow us to talk with family and friends all over the world, to medical equipment that could help save lives, to renewable energy systems that could make our world more sustainable. The ever-growing demand for new and improved electronic technologies makes EE one of the fastest-growing engineering fields.