The MSOE Board of Regents has approved plans to move forward with the transformation of Roy W. Johnson Residence Hall (RWJ) into Viets Tower, a multi-purpose Living-Learning Community (LLC) with modernized, flexible living and learning spaces designed to serve the diverse needs of students and function as an extension of the classroom. Construction work will begin as soon as the school year ends.

Original plans for Viets Tower included dining space, however, consistent feedback from students challenged us to consider an integrated area for the MSOE community to meet, work and forge lifelong connections. As a result we are removing the cafeteria from the residence hall and creating a “dining commons” on the third floor of the Campus Center. Not only will it serve as the primary dining space for residents, commuters, faculty, staff and visitors, it will support student programming and collaboration while offering enhanced dining options. This new space will be ready for the start of classes this fall. More information about this project is forthcoming.