The MSOE Mindset identifies graduates as leaders of character; responsible professionals; passionate learners; and value creators. It was officially articulated and rolled out on campus in Fall 2018, but its attributes have been central to the MSOE mission for a long time.  

When Dakota Cole started her freshman year and learned about the MSOE Mindset, she knew it would be important to her.   “I have always believed that mentality and overall outlook have a huge impact on either the success or failure of an individual. When I came to MSOE and saw the university’s defined list of what it takes to succeed, I took great interest,” she said. “I use the MSOE Mindset every single day and it has proven to be beneficial in my life thus far. I am passionate about everything the mindset promotes.”  

As one of the first CREATE Student Fellows, she said, “I am very excited about the opportunity to share the immense benefits with others while being a role model for the mindset. Through my work with MSOE faculty, I hope to be able to integrate servant-leadership into every classroom so that the entire MSOE community can experience the benefits and make the same vital connections that I have.”  

“The MSOE Mindset led me to succeed in my freshman year of college. It pushed me out of my comfort zone at times, but I know I am a better person because of it. I was involved in servant-leadership projects through the University Scholars Honors Program and I loved it. The skills I learned throughout the process and the connections I made are something I will always have, and I believe the benefits of servant-leadership and project-based learning are something every student at MSOE should have the opportunity to experience.”  

One servant-leadership project stands out for Cole. “The main project I worked on was in collaboration with MKE Plays, an organization that works to build and revive parks in areas where play space is limited or nonexistent. We focused on a site at 29th Street and Melvina Street, which is located northwest of MSOE. We designed a park layout and pavilion for the community, and hope to see the project through construction this year.”