One of the fastest-growing fields in technology is “deep learning.” Deep learning, also known as machine learning, is an aspect of artificial intelligence that is revolutionizing modern computing. It’s a powerful tool to solve complex challenges, like developing self-driving cars or helping cure disease.

More than 19,000 companies are using deep learning to advance their respective industries and they’ve only begun to scratch the surface. The demand for developers who understand deep learning is far greater than the supply.

With this in mind, MSOE is hosting the Deep Learning Institute with NVIDIA and Dedicated Computing on Thursday, April 13. More than 50 business professionals from the Milwaukee area will learn alongside MSOE professors and students during the Deep Learning Institute. Attendees will receive hands-on training using the latest artificial intelligence frameworks, software and GPU technologies. MSOE students will get exposure to industry experts, along with training to apply deep learning—above and beyond what they’re already learning at MSOE.

“Computing theories once limited to research labs are exploding in commercial and consumer applications. MSOE is poised to be at the forefront of engineering solutions that take advantage of revolutionary computing power and speed, along with groundbreaking computer miniaturization,” said Dr. Steven C. Bialek, interim vice president of academics at MSOE. “The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute workshop is one of several initiatives underway at MSOE that will further expand our reach in the area of applied computing and artificial intelligence. Based on partnerships with industry leaders like NVIDIA and Dedicated Computing, MSOE will introduce a new software engineering specialization in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, we’ll launch a series of quarterly AI professional development workshops.”

The workshop will feature NVIDIA Deep Learning instructor Jonathan Bentz, who will be leading an opening seminar, an applications lab and a Q&A session. Attendees will explore fundamental concepts of deep learning and discuss real-world examples of its use in industry. They will also solidify the concepts with a hands-on lab where they can train, modify and test their own deep neural network on an image classification problem.

“Providing insight on new technologies to the community and businesses helps drive the next wave of innovation,” said Jeff Krueger, director of systems engineering at Dedicated Computing and MSOE alumnus. “Exposure to this rapidly changing technology through hands-on sessions with NVIDIA is a key part of transferring this knowledge to area leaders. We are excited to be part of this effort and to be involved in a very dynamic and evolving capability.”

The workshop is sponsored jointly by NVIDIA, Dedicated Computing and MSOE. Attendance is by invitation only.