In 2015, Dr. Alicia Domack, associate professor, was selected to be the chair of the Humanities, Social Science and Communication Department, at MSOE. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has always had strong family ties to Wisconsin. While attending graduate school at the University of Nebraska, she became intent on teaching. Domack was drawn to MSOE by the caliber of students, the urban environment, and the exciting opportunities for collaboration here.

Domack is always finding opportunities for collaboration and she is striving to strengthen the role of the Humanities, Social Science and Communication Department at MSOE. “I want to offer the courses that students are excited to take and challenge students to gain new perspectives while expressing their curiosity and creativity in ways that differ from other departments. Based upon student feedback, we are looking to expand courses that have domestic travel or study-abroad opportunities.”

“The faculty are amazing,” commented Domack. “They have such great ideas on how to make our programs, minors and courses better. I’m learning that I just need to give them appropriate resources and then get out of their way.

Domack has a background in cognition, learning and development so with her knowledge she shared some surprising insight for current students. “Probably the most important thing students need to do is sleep! Sleep is when your memories are consolidated, so all that studying is worthless if you do not get a good night’s rest. Another thing I often see students doing is highlighting and re-reading their textbooks. That doesn’t help you retain information. By the time we get to college we are all expert readers, so reading becomes very passive. If we incorporate ways to actively engage our brains when studying, like taking notes, making flashcards, or connecting new information to something we have already learned, it will be easier for us to recall the information later.”

Currently, Domack resides in Shorewood, Wisconsin, with her husband Brian and their two dogs. She never wants to move! At home she loves to cook. In fact she loves it so much that if she was not a professor she said she would be a chef. The Domacks are also season ticket holders for Badger football and enjoy tailgating with friends and family. She also enjoys traveling. One of her favorite trips has been to France to watch the Tour de France in 2011.