Egor Shalamov was intrigued by engineering from early on. Born in Siberia, Russia, Shalamov moved to New Mexico in 2005 and then Milwaukee in 2008. He knew he was interested in a career in engineering as a little kid and having a parent as a professor at MSOE exposed him to the endless possibilities at an early age.

“When my mom was hired as a professor at MSOE, I got to spend a lot of time on campus and hear some insight about the school,” said Shalamov. “Even as a kid, I loved the atmosphere on campus, endless opportunities, and especially the hockey rink. I knew MSOE was the only school for me.”

Today as a student, Shalamov skates on the same hockey rink he was fascinated with as a kid, this time as the co-president of the MSOE club hockey team. He hopes to continue to move the club hockey program forward and gain more involvement from students at MSOE.

Hockey isn’t the only area Shalamov hopes to gain more involvement – he also is a new student fellow in the CREATE Institute.

The CREATE Institute focuses on providing students with educational experiences that enhance the relevancy of their learning. Faculty and student fellows engage the community in programming to ensure that all MSOE graduates embody the MSOE Mindset.

“I want to be in the CREATE Institute to get more involved in my education and school as a whole. I’m excited to help spread the MSOE Mindset and implement new learning strategies on campus,” said Shalamov.”

Shalamov found his niche for architectural engineering after attending an introductory architecture class at UW-Milwaukee while he was a senior in high school. The course helped him explore his options for college and put an emphasis on his engineering interests.

Shalamov put his learning into practice this summer as an intern at EXP Engineering Services, a Milwaukee-based engineering consultant that provides engineering, architecture, design and consulting services to the world’s built and natural environments. In his spare time, he coached his former high school hockey team and took a trip to Niagara Falls.