A family connection inspired Eric Mumm to pursue his master’s degree at MSOE. Mumm’s wife Morgan is the granddaughter of the late Dr. Robert Spitzer, who served as the third president of MSOE from 1977 to 1991.

“Dr. Spitzer was an incredible man. His story in and of itself is inspiring. I saw his story of humble beginnings to leadership and success as inspiration for my own potential and my own modest beginnings,” said Mumm. “He spoke so highly of MSOE and his pride for the school was apparent in every story related to it. When I found out about the MBA programs, I immediately was interested in applying. I felt that MSOE was an organization that Dr. Robert Spitzer embodied and represented, and I wanted to be a part of it, too.”

Mumm enrolled in MSOE’s MBA in STEM Leadership program while also taking elements of the MBA in Education Leadership program. He took his classes virtually but was still able to collaborate with his classmates and his professors, especially enjoying learning from their personal expertise and experiences.

Before his time at MSOE, Mumm studied technical education at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, a degree he was inspired to earn thanks to another influential educator in his life.

“In high school, I spent as much time as possible in the tech ed department. I had a great tech ed teacher, Mr. Dennis Schmidt. His passion and knowledge were inspiring for me. I wanted to do what he did – help kids find their own passion.”

Now, Mumm is a technology and engineering education teacher at Lancaster High School located in the rural southwest part of the state. In 2020, he was honored as one of Wisconsin’s Educators of Promise and in 2022 was selected along with four others to receive the honor of Wisconsin Teacher of the Year.

“I am thankful that this honor is a gateway, not a destination. It’s inspired me to continue my work and to continue to grow and get better. It has also allowed me to meet so many other great teachers with both similar and different experiences, and continue to grow as a teacher, a mentor and a leader.”

In his current role, Mumm is able to influence and educate a new generation and inspire them, as he was inspired by the educators in his life. He also hopes to influence his fellow teachers and colleagues as well.

“Although I continue to be passionate about teaching my students, I look forward to opportunities to help my fellow teachers. That could include being a leader in my current role or moving into a new position in an administrative role. Either way, I want to continue to be a part of education and help support the next generation of leaders and success stories. I thank Milwaukee School of Engineering for helping me find that path and for making it possible!”

In his free time, the Lancaster native enjoys spending time with his wife, Morgan, son, Wakelin and daughter Theo. They love spending time outdoors, camping and hiking. Mumm also enjoys many facets of woodworking, especially trying out new techniques.