MSOE is one of America’s Top Colleges according to Forbes. This is the 10th straight year MSOE has received this designation. Forbes began ranking colleges and universities in 2008 and MSOE has been included on the list every year.

According to Forbes, “Before you become a college student, you need to think like a graduate. Our goal is to showcase the colleges and universities that deliver the best return on your education investment dollars.”

Forbes evaluated U.S. colleges and universities in five general categories: post-graduate success, student debt, student experience, four-year graduation rate and academic success. There are more than 2,500 colleges and universities in the United States, and only 650 were designated a Top College by Forbes.

In addition to naming MSOE as one of America’s Top Colleges, Forbes gave MSOE an “B” on their annual list of financial grades for private, non-profit colleges and universities today. This grade helps students determine if their college is financially fit.