Journalists attending the Republican National Convention (RNC) are invited to engage with leading Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) experts in a range of fields, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cybersecurity, urban studies, biotechnology, population health, water resources, and higher education. MSOE media relations staff are available to identify key experts and assist in setting up interviews. 

A.I., Machine Learning, Cybersecurity

Dr. Jeremy Kedziora
Associate Professor, PieperPower Endowed Chair in Artificial Intelligence
AI, machine learning, ChatGPT, ethics of AI, global technology revolution, using these tools to solve business problems or advance business objectives, political science

Dr. Derek Riley
Professor, B.S. in Computer Science Program Director
AI, machine learning, facial recognition, deep learning, high performance computing, mobile computing, artificial intelligence

Dr. Walter Schilling
Cybersecurity and the latest technological advancements in automobiles and home automation systems; how individuals can protect their business operations and personal networks

Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Dr. Michael Carriere
Professor, Honors Program Director
An urban historian, with expertise in American history, urban studies and sustainability; growth of Milwaukee's neighborhoods, the challenges many of them are facing, and some of the solutions that are being implemented. Dr. Carriere is an expert in Milwaukee and Wisconsin history and politics, urban agriculture, creative placemaking, and the Milwaukee music scene.

Kurt Zimmerman
Assistant Professor
Architectural history of Milwaukee, architecture, urban planning and sustainable design


Dr. Wujie Zhang
Biomaterials; regenerative medicine and tissue engineering; micro/nano-technology; drug delivery; stem cell research; cancer treatment; cryobiology; food science and engineering (Fluent in Chinese and English)

Dr. Jung Lee
Associate Professor
Bioinformatics: comparative sequence analysis and small-molecule drug design


Robin Gates, MSN
Assistant Professor
Population health expert: understanding and addressing the diverse factors that influence health outcomes across different populations

Claudia Curtis
Director of Sports Medicine
Sports medicine and health topics affecting college athletes

Water Resources

Dr. William Gonwa
Water resources, sewers, storm water, civil engineering education (Fluent in Spanish)

History and Social Sciences

Dr. Patrick Jung
History, anthropology, how the 14th Amendment relates to issues of social, economic, and political equality and inequality.

Lyle Maryniak
Organizational psychology

Business and Entrepreneurship

Joseph Tenuta, MBA
Start-ups, entrepreneurship, management, operations

Higher Education

Dr. Eric Baumgartner
Executive Vice President of Academics
Thought leadership on higher education, relevancy and value of higher ed, role of A.I. in future degrees and workforce development

Dr. John Walz
Thought leadership on higher education, relevancy and value of higher ed

Dr. Candela Marini
Assistant Professor
Latin American Studies, service-learning, community engagement, Spanish heritage speakers (Fluent in Spanish and French)

Julie Way
Director of Career Connections Center
In-demand college degrees, what employers are seeking in college graduates

Sara De Almeida
Orchestra Director
Importance of the arts in a student's education, grades K4 through University

Dr. Medhat Khalil
Director of Professional Education and Research Development, Fluid Power Institute
Industry trends in fluid power, hydraulics and motion control; continuing professional education in these fields (Fluent in Arabic)