Winter is coming! This time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be especially hard to stay motivated when all you want to do is curl up somewhere warm and be surrounded by friends and family. But why not spread some holiday cheer to yourself by applying for a scholarship? That way you’ll have more time for friends and family all year!

Added Today

MSOE Female Engineering Students: $3,300 College Endowment Association Scholarship – DUE December 20th, 2017

High School Seniors & College Students: $2,000 WI Space Grant Scholarship – DUE February 5th, 2018

Nursing & Other Health Students: Community Memorial Foundation Scholarship – DUE March 1st, 2018




Due This Week

MSOE ME Students: $4,000 WAICU ATI-Ladish Scholarship + Internship – DUE December 8th, 2017






Best of luck to all who apply!