Happy Week 10! Whether you are gearing up to take your first set of spring finals or your last (congratulations, graduates!!), we wish you the best in your academic preparation. We know that while scholarship searching may not be the first thing on your list, we still wanted to provide you with some scholarships you could look at over the next few weeks and into the summer.  

If you are a graduating senior and missed our loan repayment session, you can find the PowerPoint presentation available here.

Added Today

Business & Engineering Students: $1,000 Crystal Group Innovation Scholarship
All students: $2,000 Apex Minecraft Scholarship 
Nursing Students: Nursing.org Scholarships ($500-$1,000) 
Junior & Senior Nursing Students: Bea Root Nursing Scholarship ($500-$1,000 ) 


MSOE Engineering Students:  $1,500 James Gramling Memorial Scholarship

2018-2019 MSOE Juniors/Seniors: Mr. and Mrs. William Edstrom, Jr.: $16,500 Engineering or Business Scholarship
2018-19 MSOE Sophomores: Andy Walker Mobley, IV: $1,000 EE Scholarship 

Due This Week

MSOE Engineering Students:  $1,500 James Gramling Memorial Scholarship

All Available Scholarships

To see a quick list of all available scholarships, please click here.   

Best of luck to those who apply!