The MSOE Athletic Department unveiled a new athletics logo at the Student Awards Celebration Monday at the Kern Center.

The new mark features crossed swords behind a stylized “RAIDERS.” The aggressive design highlights the qualities of an MSOE student-athlete: fierce, competitive, disciplined, integrity. The two swords represent the two areas that the Raiders display these qualities as a student in the classroom and as an athlete on the field. It also represents a step forward in the rebranding of MSOE Athletics. 

“We are excited about what this new logo represents,” MSOE Director of Athletics Brian Miller said. “Our teams and programs have come so far and we thought now was the time for a dedicated athletics logo and brand to represent them. We see this new direction as a product of the hard work and dedication of our former student-athletes and a commitment to continue moving forward for all current and future Raiders.”

This new mark signifies a more unified brand for the varsity athletic teams going forward. Roscoe Raider will remain as the university mascot with some usage of the former marks allowed for use by Student Life and the emerging club sports programs. 

“This new mark reflects the growth and evolution of MSOE’s athletic program and the need for an identity that embodies our student-athletes level of commitment,” Vice President of Marketing Sebastian Thachenkary said. “Our student-athletes have supported the push to an updated and dedicated brand. It was through their input and feedback that we feel we have been able to capture the spirit of handling the rigors of attending MSOE while competing in varsity athletics at a high level.”

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