MSOE is the perfect place for adult students to prepare themselves for a new future. With graduate programs in engineering, business and nursing, professionals looking to advance their careers are sure to find the right option.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) was named one of the 50 Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs in 2015 by SuperScholar. Often called the Engineer’s MBA, an MSEM combines your technical background with a core business curriculum. At MSOE, the program is offered through a blended-Internet option and also 100% online.

The blended-Internet option creates a pathway for students to complete the MSEM in less than two years. It combines the rich faculty/student interaction that is the hallmark of an MSOE education with the flexibility of online learning. The amount of time students spend in class is reduced, while time spent on project-focused learning is enhanced.

MSOE’s blended classes meet fact-to-face during the evening in alternating weeks. Online learning activities are scheduled during non-meeting weeks and are facilitated via MSOE’s Blackboard instructional platform. Digital lectures, interactive discussions, investigative case studies, computerized simulations and synchronous chats are examples of online learning experiences used by MSOE faculty.

Geography is not a constraint for students interested in completing the MSEM at a distance. There also is an option to take courses via 100% online distance delivery. The rich faculty, student interaction that is the hallmark of the MSEM is replicated in online classes creating dynamic and flexible learning environments. Students can choose which format best fits their lives, while advancing their learning and professional skills.

In addition to the MSEM, the MSOE MBA and Master of Science in Engineering are available 100% online. For more information, visit or contact the Graduate and Professional Education Department at (800) 321-6763 or