MSOE’s annual Professional Development Fall Forum will be held on Friday, Oct. 29 from noon to 1 p.m. in the Diercks Hall Atrium. Protracted leave awardees and summer professional development grant recipients will present their latest research projects to the MSOE community. Students, faculty and staff are invited to learn about the exciting projects happening on campus. The presenters will be stationed at their posters and available for discussion of their work. Costumes are encouraged and Halloween treats will be provided. 

Faculty protracted leave is a release time intended to allow faculty members to perform scholarly work outside of the classroom. Summer professional development grants support faculty who want to develop and/or implement ideas and/or projects that highlight the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) reviews proposals and awards funds to selected faculty members. 

Protracted Leave Awards Poster Presenters

Laser metal deposition of functionally graded TI-6AL-4V + MO samples and characterization studies
Dr. Subha Kumpaty, Mechanical Engineering Department, MSOE; Liam Coen, INNIO Waukesha Engines; Dr. Monnamme Tlotleng; Dr. Sisa Pityana, CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa  

A book titled “Fundamentals of Chemical and Bioprocess Control”
Dr. Faisal Shaikh, BioMolecular Engineering, Physics and Chemistry Department, MSOE  

Extensions of control and estimation of discrete-time nonlinear systems
Dr. Yvonne I. Yaz, Actuarial Science, Mathematics Department, MSOE  

Summer Development Awards Poster Presenters

Experimental and analytical evaluation of the flexural and axial capacity of steel HSS end-plate connections
Dr. Pouria Bahmani, Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department, MSOE  

Analysis of biomedical hyperspectral data using deep learning and high-performance computing
Noah Kennedy, Alexander Neuwirth, Chalapathi Gajjela, Rohith Reddy and Dr. Sebastian Berisha, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, MSOE  

Development of a self-healing, additively manufactured polymeric material
Dr. Kevin Hart, Jack Turicek, Eirene Kowal, Dylan Kalchik, Kyle Holland, and Jonathan Stowe, Mechanical Engineering Department, MSOE  

The ethical costs and benefits of modifying CDA Section 230 to combat online misinformation
Dr. Frank Cabrera, Humanities, Social Science and Communication Department, MSOE; Dr. Megan Fritts, Philosophy Department, The College of Scholastica  

Organization of a collaborative multi-disciplinary national team in printing of 3D digital foam of medical applications
Dr. Robert Rizza, Mechanical Engineering Department, MSOE  

Bridging theory and practice in Finite Element Analysis with MATLAB Grader
Dr. Michael Sevier, Mechanical Engineering Department, MSOE  

Experimental optical scattering measurement system as an enabler for interdisciplinary collaboration and student projects at MSOE
Dr. Zachary Simmons, Physics and Chemistry, MSOE; Dr. Sebastian Berisha, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, MSOE  

Simulation and control of reconfigurable mechanisms
Dr. Brian J. Slaboch and Dr. Luis A. Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering Department, MSOE