MSOE’s Triangle Fraternity received three awards at the biennial Herbert F. Scobie Leadership School at the University of Dayton on July 27–30. The fraternity earned the Building Better Men Scholarship, Chapter of the Year and Chapter President of the Year.

The awards recognize chapters that show a commitment to academic success, a high level of involvement in both on- and off-campus organizations, upholding the fraternity’s Code of Ethics, commitment to philanthropy, community service and more.

“Receiving these awards really cemented the fact that we put our heart and soul into this opportunity,” said Deepansh Agarwal, Triangle Fraternity president and recipient of the Chapter President of the Year award. “These awards will also give our chapter encouragement to keep up the excellent work and build upon the foundation that we cultivated this past year.”

The Building Better Men Scholarship includes a $100,000 award toward the MSOE Triangle Endowment Fund. “Building Better Men is about opening opportunities in STEM for individuals who might not have the easiest access. One of our plans to use this money is to give scholarships to our active members who embody the values and mission of Triangle Fraternity to build better men.” Agarwal said the group also plans to use the money to fund attendance at national events sponsored by the fraternity, such as workshops and mentoring programs.

Community involvement is one of the Triangle Fraternity’s top priorities. Over the last year, they dedicated time to volunteering for the New Berlin Soapbox Derby, FIRST Robotics and campus service organizations such as STEM to Stern and Engineers Without Borders. The fraternity also hosted professional development series and collaborated with Triangle Fraternity chapters at UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee and Marquette University.

For Agarwal, Triangle isn’t just a club, it’s a family. “Being an international student at MSOE, I don’t have family in the States. Triangle has given me a home away from home and every brother has made me feel like I am part of their family, too,” said Agarwal. Whether it’s spending a holiday together or enjoying pizza and game nights, Agarwal appreciates the unwavering support from his fraternity brothers. “My brothers have a genuine desire to be there and cheer for you in your successes, which has had a positive impact on the environment we have built.”

Agarwal shared great appreciation for the Triangle Fraternity alumni members who support their group by volunteering, mentoring, sharing knowledge and donating. “MSOE Triangle would not have reached this accomplishment without the support of our alumni brothers around us as a resource whenever we needed them and pushed us to be the best chapter we could be this year. A huge shoutout to these wonderful brothers who show the meaning of being a true brother and someone to look up to.”

Triangle Fraternity is always open to accepting new members who want to make an impact. Anyone who is interested in joining may fill out the form at or connect with them on Instagram (@msoe_traingle).