MSOE’s formula hybrid team, Mozee Motorsports, took first place in the hybrid vehicle category at the 2024 Formula Hybrid + Electric competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. This marks the third world championship for the team with their previous wins coming in 2017 and 2022.

A total of 32 teams attended the competition. Teams must submit technical reports throughout the semester and go through a series of judging and inspections at the speedway. The vehicles are then tested on a 1.6-mile full road course.

Mozee Motorsports successfully completed each technical inspection and was the only hybrid team that passed 100 percent of the inspections. They additionally were awarded first in project management and second in design.

The team is comprised of 41 students representing the following majors: mechanical engineering (ME), electrical engineering (EE), computer engineering (CE), computer science (CS) and civil engineering (CVE). 

Eleven team members made the journey to New Hampshire:

  •  Kyle Thome: project manager, junior ME major
  • Liam Anders: engineering manager & controls design lead, junior ME major
  • Ahmed Habeebullah: rules & safety officer, sophomore ME major
  • John Linden: electrical hardware design lead, sophomore EE major
  • Caleb Andreano: electrical software design lead, junior CS major
  • Ryan Detlor: powertrain design lead, junior ME major
  • Nick Lunn: chassis design lead, junior ME major
  • Hoyt Leitzke: sidepods design lead & media: junior ME major
  • Daniel Foster: team member, junior CE major
  • Daniel Nimsgern: team member, junior CE major    
  • Max Moulis, team member, junior ME major