Computer science student Muhammad Alliyu pursued his passion for technology with a software engineering internship at Cognex Corporation. “I learned a ton about the software design and maintenance process as well as the importance of clear communication in project management,” said Alliyu. “Engaging in real-world projects taught me valuable problem-solving skills and resilience in facing challenges.”

Computer science initially captivated Alliyu because he desires to be at the helm of future technological advancements. “I was intrigued by the immense potential technology has in improving various aspects of human life in the coming decades, and I want a front-row seat in driving such innovations.”

Alliyu enjoyed learning from the seasoned experts at Cognex who helped him grow his professional and technical skillsets. Originally from Ede, Osun State in Nigeria, Alliyu appreciated the support from MSOE and Cognex while navigating his internship. “I initially encountered challenges adapting to a new work environment and cultural nuances. However, the combined support of MSOE and Cognex proved instrumental in my personal and professional growth.”

Not only did Alliyu gain valuable hands-on experience contributing to real-world projects, he valued the professional skills he attained while working on a team. “Collaboration with colleagues from diverse backgrounds at Cognex refined my communication and teamwork skills. I am equipped with newfound self-assurance, ready to embrace future endeavors and positively impact any industry.”

Alliyu is grateful for the support he received on campus. From resume help at the Career Connections Center, to hands-on learning in lab courses, to support from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, offices across campus all helped Alliyu prepare for his internship at Cognex.

In his free time on campus, Alliyu can be found serving as the treasurer of the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), participating as a member of the Society of Software Engineers (SSE), Math and Actuarial Science Club (MASC) and the Google Developer Student Club. Outside of campus, one of Alliyu’s favorite things about Milwaukee is the diverse food and cultural festivals that take place throughout the city. “I’ve had the opportunity to try cuisines from various countries and participate in cultural celebrations that have enriched my experience as an individual.”

After graduation, he hopes to achieve his goal of creating a positive impact by “taking upon roles at the intersection of technology and finance.”