Milwaukee School of Engineering introduced a new chatbot to to answer website visitors’ questions. The chatbot, named Roscoe R(A.I.)der, is available in the bottom right corner of every screen on

The new chatbot furthers MSOE’s position as a leader in artificial intelligence (A.I.) education. It will serve as a useful tool for both prospective students and current students as they surf the website to learn more about MSOE.

“There is a definite need for current and prospective students to communicate virtually by texts and instant messages, so Roscoe R(A.I.)der will be a great resource for them,” said Patrick Massoels, director of enrollment marketing and events.

The chatbot will also be used by MSOE faculty and staff, parents, alumni and community members as they navigate

To utilize Roscoe R(A.I.)der, simply click on the red circular icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, click in the chat box and ask away! Roscoe R(A.I.)der will surf the website to promptly answer your question. Still have questions? MSOE will always welcome your calls at (800) 332-6763.