You could say that Patrick and Molly Rank's relationship started on key. The couple initially met as resident assistants at MSOE, but their shared love of the piano brought them together.

Patrick, who grew up just outside of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, graduated in 1998 from MSOE with degrees in architectural engineering and construction management. Working construction in the summers and his strong skills in math and science drew him to engineering, leading him to MSOE.

Molly grew up in Boise, Idaho and graduated from MSOE in 1999 with a degree in biomedical engineering. Her father’s passion for his career in electrical engineering and meeting with other women in the engineering field are what made her follow a similar path. The ability to start in biomedical engineering courses freshman year and the support she received from her admissions counselor at MSOE helped in her decision to come from Idaho to Wisconsin.

Patrick and Molly did not start dating until Molly’s senior year. The two kept running into each other at the few pianos that were on campus, in the Todd Wehr Auditorium within the Campus Center and the Alumni Center (previously called the Alumni Partnership Center).

“We made friends with a couple campus security guards, Mike and Bob, and they would open the doors to the Alumni Partnership Center (APC) and let us play on that gorgeous baby grand piano,” said Molly. “Turns out Mike was a terrific pianist as well; we have great memories of listening to Mike play Billy Joel, rocking the keyboard and making that piano shift on its wheels. The APC was a great place to spend time as a college student, it’s such a beautiful space and felt warm to us all.”

Throughout their time at MSOE, they enjoyed being resident assistants in the dorms. Molly also worked as a writing tutor and was part of SWE (Society of Women in Engineering), BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society) and the Ingenium team.

“I have great memories with the first-year ladies’ floor on RWJ 6,” said Molly. “Patrick and I were both resident assistants and loved the camaraderie that came with that time and those we worked with.”

“I liked being in the downtown business district of Milwaukee, close to the lake and being able to walk and bike there,” said Patrick. “The friends I met and had along the way made some great memories, as well as meeting my wife.”

Today, Molly and Patrick live in the Pacific Northwest with their two sons. Currently, Patrick works as a Senior Project Manager at Lease Crutcher Lewis, a building general contractor.

“Working on real world design opportunities in my senior design project for both degrees really helped set the stage for my career along with working beside some really smart MSOE teammates,” said Patrick.

Molly has served in several roles including for PeaceHealth, a major hospital system in Oregon, Washington and Alaska as the Director of Lean Transformation.

But the piano and MSOE will always have a special place in their hearts.

“The piano remains a very special connection for me and Patrick – sometimes we say we met over the piano. Pat also likes to tell people we met in Paris, but that’s a different story.”