Randall Kirk developed a very strong work ethic and business acumen as a young boy. He grew up on a dairy farm milking 50 registered Holstein cattle and growing feed crops. During high school, he worked on the farm and held three jobs simultaneously. At MSOE Kirk became a computer intern (and employee number 28) at Direct Supply during his sophomore year. He entered leadership as corporate information systems (CIS) supervisor and changed majors his junior year to Business and Computer Systems. Following graduation, Kirk help Direct Supply launch DSSI, its eProcurement business.

After several promotions, Kirk became Direct Supply’s first chief technology officer. Recently his focus shifted to experiments around deeper use of data and advanced analytics to create greater value from information. He now serves as chief scientist and facilitates Direct Supply’s Summer Visiting Researcher Program, connecting MSOE faculty with research opportunities. Kirk also helped create MKE Big Data, a local meetup group bringing together business and technical stakeholders. He and his wife Pam have three children, Mary, James and Grace. Kirk is currently head of his church’s financial committee, and has served as board level advisor for several non-profit educational startups/ charities and two independent business startups. He is a recreational downhill skier and an avid long-distance road cyclist, supporting causes such as the MACC Fund and National MS Society. He is also a member of the MSOE Corporation.