Are you interested in exploring your future as an engineer? Want to run your own business? Or perhaps you’d like to put your finger on the pulse of the nursing profession. MSOE’s week-long summer programs during July offer high school students the opportunity to discover careers in engineering, business and nursing. Registration is underway now, and space is filling quickly.

Students will spend one week on campus, living in the residence halls and participating in the university’s “Explore,” “Discover” and Focus” camps, learning about some of today’s most in-demand careers. They’ll learn directly from MSOE professors and get hands-on experience in state-of-the-art laboratories.

Explore Camps are an opportunity for students to spend the week rotating through half-day programs to learn about each of MSOE’s engineering and business majors and determine which interests them the most. Multiple majors will be introduced each day through hands-on curriculum. Majors include: business administration, user experience and communication design, construction management, actuarial science, and architectural, biomedical, biomolecular, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical and software engineering.

Discover the Possibilities allow students to discover a variety of fields of engineering that correspond to their interests. Students can choose from:

  • Build and Design: architectural engineering/construction management; civil engineering; industrial engineering; mechanical engineering
  • Medical Innovation: biomedical engineering; biomolecular engineering; nursing
  • Computing Systems: computer engineering; electrical engineering; software engineering; business information technology

Focus on the Possibilities camps are perfect for students who are focused on a particular major for their college education. They can choose to focus on one of the following:

  • architectural engineering and construction management
  • biomedical engineering
  • biomolecular engineering
  • business
  • computer engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • industrial engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • nursing
  • software engineering