After the fall semester, students with a cumulative GPA or major GPA below 2.00 will be placed on academic probation. Students who are on probation are expected to meet with their academic advisor within the first 4 weeks of the subsequent term.

At the end of each spring semester, any student with a cumulative GPA or cumulative major GPA below 2.00 is subject to suspension and their record will be reviewed to determine whether they will be allowed to continue in the next academic year. If after that review, it is determined that the student is allowed to continue, he or she will be allowed to return in the next academic year with a status of academic probation. If after that review, the academic suspension is upheld, the student the student may submit a written appeal of the decision to the Student Advancement Committee.  Members of the committee will review the written appeal and may require a face-to-face meeting before making a final decision. A student who is allowed to continue after the appeal process may be reviewed and suspended after any subsequent term in which they are enrolled if sufficient academic progress has not been made.  Decisions of the committee are final.