Academic Standing

An undergraduate student is in good academic standing when all of the following are equal to or greater than 2.00:

  1. the term grade point average
  2. the cumulative grade point average and
  3. the cumulative major grade point average (Cumulative major GPA for the purposes of academic standing is always calculated after completion of 15 major credits.)

When the cumulative, term, or cumulative major grade point average falls below 2.00, a student is placed on probation. Normally, a student is given one term to raise the cumulative or cumulative major average to 2.00 or above. Any student on probation who does not meet the criteria for good standing the following term will be suspended. A student is also suspended if he or she fails the same class twice. Suspension status must be appealed in writing to the Student Advancement Committee to be allowed to continue. The committee may recommend continued probation, suspension, or permanent dismissal from MSOE. Typically, suspension is for a period of two academic terms. Students who have been suspended must petition the Student Advancement Committee for lifting of the suspension during the two term suspension or for re-admittance following the two term suspension.

All full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for active membership in student organizations.  A student with less than a 2.00 cumulative GPA may not have officer-level responsibilities in any student organization or extracurricular activity, serve as a student representative on any institutional committee or represent the university as a member of any MSOE athletic team.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform the organization of ineligibility and the organization’s responsibility to inform the Student Activities staff.  In addition, academic eligibility will be reviewed periodically by the Student Activities staff for student organizations and is reviewed quarterly by the Registrar’s Office and the Athletic Department for intercollegiate athletics.

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Suspension Appeal Procedure – Student Advancement Committee

The purpose of the Student Advancement Committee is to allow for appeals on the part of those students who are suspended for academic reasons.

Students submit petitions in writing to the Registrar’s Office, addressed to the Student Advancement Committee. If, in the judgment of the committee members, the student is in a position to continue with a good probability of academic success, permission is granted to continue with a probationary status. The student’s academic progress will then be closely monitored on a term-to-term basis.

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