Are you comfortable with your plans to achieve top-line growth forecasts in the coming years? Well, no one has a crystal ball to accurately predict swings in the marketplace, but the Innovation Immersion Workshop program is the program that provides the right knowledge and tools to inject innovation into your business plans and improve your ability to reach growth targets.

This two-day workshop is designed to immerse you in the entire innovation lifecycle, from establishing the business imperative of innovation in the 21st century all the way through to marketplace launch. You will experience futures analysis tools to provide a different context for ideation, use some different ideation tools that will stretch your thinking, and examine the hard work that goes into taking an “innovative idea” to market. Topics in innovation management will also be explored such as the impact of culture and organization, and Stage-Gate® and portfolio management processes. Each topic will include hands-on experiential exercises to enhance the learning process. Be prepared to be engaged and involved during the full two days. For maximum impact, the workshop can be tailored as a custom-designed, on-site program specifically to address your particular customers, capabilities, and opportunities.

Immediate Take Aways

Who Should Attend

  • Organizational leaders who are accountable for business growth through innovation
  • Participants in innovation efforts who want to sharpen their understanding about the entire process
  • Anyone who is interested in bringing more innovation into their organization

How you will benefit

  • A working definition of innovation
  • The business imperative for innovation
  • Why possible future scenarios are valuable in the innovation process
  • Futures analysis: tools and demonstrations
  • Using Creative Problem-Solving tools for ideation
  • Utilizing ways to screen, sort, and select ideas for further development
  • Innovation execution: from product development to marketplace launch
  • Successful management of innovation

Upon Completion, you should be able to:

  • Explain to your boss why innovation is important for your company to thrive in the 21st century.
  • Identify when futures analysis is valuable for your innovation efforts, and explain methods and tools that would be appropriate. Contribute to successful futures analysis sessions.
  • Utilize ideation methods to enhance creative problem-solving. Fully participate in these ideation sessions.
  • Apply methods to screen, sort, and select innovation concepts; justify further development for those concepts.
  • Turn a concept into product specifications and prototypes for evaluation and confirmation.
  • Contribute to the successful market launch of your innovation.
  • Apply new understanding of innovation management issues to enhance the innovation impact in your company.

Milwaukee School of Engineering reserves the right to revise at any time, without notice, any and all programs, fees and costs stated herein in accordance with the best academic and industrial standards as recommended by its advisory committees. The right also is reserved to cancel any course or subject at any time because of insufficient registration or other valid reason.