Friends of MSOE:

Senior Project Showcase at MSOE is a longstanding tradition. It is in large part a celebration: an opportunity for friends and family, faculty and staff, and community partners and corporate sponsors, to bear witness to the bodies of work that define the graduating class.

Every fall, MSOE seniors across program areas put the knowledge they’ve gained and skills they’ve honed over their academic career to the test. Working with faculty advisors and industry partners, they form teams— or work individually—to solve a problem, improve a product or process, or create something entirely new. After months of learning and discovery, building and deconstructing, successes and failures, the culmination of these efforts are put on display as part of Senior Project Showcase.

Senior Project Showcase is a day of great optimism and inspiration. Navigating the mazes of student excellence on display, we can only imagine where they will go next and what they will accomplish, knowing only—and with great certainty—that it will be extraordinary.

Save the Date!

MSOE values community involvement in our senior project showcase event. The 2020 Senior Project Showcase will be held on May 22, 2020. Additional details regarding the schedule of events will be added to this page as we get closer to the event.  

Have a Project Idea?

Have an idea that would be a great fit for an upcoming senior project? Many projects are discussed directly with the academic department or undergraduate program primarily aligned to the scope of the project. If you have additional questions or are unsure which academic area your project idea fits best, please refer to the Supporting Senior Projects page of our website.

Sights and Sounds from the 2019 Project Showcase

Our seniors' hard work paid off at another great day of project showcases! Check out some of the great projects that were on display.