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MSOE maintains a presence on several social media platforms to share information about the university and interact with current and prospective students, alumni, parents and the community. The official university social media accounts are managed by the Marketing Communications Department and include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat (@SnapMSOE) and LinkedIn.

MSOE encourages postings from the community, but also reserves the right to block individual accounts. Posts that are deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to vulgar or slanderous language, political posts, posts that are inconsistent with MSOE brand standards, posts consisting of SPAM and those used to solicit, may be removed.

Links to content or other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the organizations, entities, views or content contained therein. MSOE is not responsible for the content of those external websites, or for content posted by others on MSOE’s social media sites.

By sharing content on any of MSOE’s social media sites, individuals understand and acknowledge that this information is public, and that MSOE may use this information for promotional purposes.


For the purposes of this policy, social media is defined as a vehicle for online publication and commentary with opportunities for engagement with a larger, public audience. At all times, employees must observe and be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the social media platform(s) used. The policy and guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following forms of social media:

  • Blogs (msoe.edu, Wordpress, Blogger, etc.)
  • Content (Wikipedia, etc.)
  • Microblogging (Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Multimedia Sharing (Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Opinion Site (Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.)
  • Social & Professional Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Social Bookmarking (Digg, StumpleUpon, etc.)
  • Social Collaboration and Creativity (Prezi, Slideshare, etc.)

Use of Social Media on Behalf of Individual Departments at MSOE

The social media strategy for the official university MSOE social media accounts will be the responsibility of the Marketing Communications Department. All messaging, content and engagement opportunities which involve the university’s official social media accounts are subject to review and approval prior to publishing. This is to ensure that the content, messaging and tone reflects that of the university’s brand standards and publishing guidelines.

Faculty and staff members who wish to create and maintain a social media account on behalf of their department at MSOE must first consult with the Director of Digital Marketing or the Vice President of Marketing and Community Engagement. This is to ensure all accounts are consistent with MSOE brand guidelines, are publishing accurate, relevant and appropriate content, and reflect general social media best practices. Social media identities, account IDs or usernames may not use MSOE’s name without prior approval from the Director of Digital Marketing.

If representing the university when posting to any social media platforms, it is required that an individual acknowledge the department or university’s affiliation with MSOE. Clearly state that the profile or account is associated with MSOE.

Once an account is created on behalf of an MSOE department, the login information and password must be shared with the Director of Digital Marketing. This is a safeguard in the event an account becomes compromised. It also helps to provide continuity should the faculty or staff member who maintains the account no longer be employed at MSOE.

MSOE's Confidential and Proprietary Information

Publishing of confidential or proprietary information about MSOE employees or students without written consent run the risk of violating the state of Wisconsin and/or Federal privacy laws including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Individuals who share such material are subject to review and may face disciplinary action.

Adherence to Applicable MSOE Policies and Regulations

In addition to this policy, it is the responsibility of all employees to be in accordance with MSOE procedures, polices and regulations outlined in the Staff Handbook and Faculty Handbook. These policies include but are not limited to:

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Email and Internet Usage Policy
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy

Policy violations will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination for cause.

MSOE and Individual Intellectual Property

To ensure consistency with MSOE brand standards and guidelines, the use of MSOE logos, trademarks or other images must have prior approval from the Creative Director or Director of Digital Marketing in the Marketing Communications Department. Using the Milwaukee School of Engineering or MSOE brand name in conjunction with the solicitation or endorsement of a third-party product, service, cause, political affiliation or party is strictly prohibited. Publishing photography or video without permission from the Manager, Video and Multimedia in the Marketing Communications Department is also prohibited.

Any questions should be directed to the Marketing and Communications Department. It is critical that proper respect is demonstrated for the laws governing copyright and fair use or fair dealing of copyright material owned by others, including MSOE owned copyrights and brands. Best practice is to properly link and reference others’ work or intellectual property rather than reproduce it in parts or its entirety.

Media Inquiries

Your contributions to online conversations might attract media attention. If a member of the media contacts you, please notify the Director of Communications and Media Relations.

Personal Use of Social Media

It is MSOE’s policy to ensure that employees who use social media to discuss MSOE or university-related matters, do so in a responsible manner that is not disruptive, offensive to others, or harmful to the university. Specifically, when discussing or posting information about MSOE, its employees or customers* in an online forum, regardless of whether during or outside of work, the following guidelines must be observed:

  1. Identify yourself. Do not share opinions about MSOE or MSOE-related matters anonymously.
  2. Use a disclaimer. Employees do not have authorization to speak on behalf of MSOE when using non-MSOE sites, unless permission is specifically granted by the president.
  3. Abide by confidentiality requirements. Do not give out confidential and/or proprietary information.
  4. Respect MSOE employees and customers. When you identify yourself as an employee of MSOE within a social network, you are connected to our employees and customers. Communicate online with respect for others. Remember that information shared via social media is generally public information that could easily be viewed by our employees and affiliates.
  5. When communicating or posting online about MSOE or university-related matters, do not send or display any information that may be construed as offensive or harassing. Offensive or harassing messages include, but are not limited to, pornographic images, sexual references, racial slurs, comments regarding an individual’s gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, national origin, disability or any other characteristic protected by law, or comments that intimidate or threaten another person.
  6. When communicating or posting online about MSOE or university-related matters, it is unacceptable to communicate or post information that defames MSOE, its employees or customers or casts the university in a negative light. While your activities outside work are generally your business, public comments that negatively affect MSOE, its employees or customers will not be tolerated.
  7. Limit your use of personal social media during work hours to non-working time, such as breaks and meal periods.  

Be aware of your role in representing MSOE in online social networks. If you identify yourself as an MSOE employee, be aware of how you are presenting yourself to colleagues and customers.

Assistance in setting up social media accounts and their marketing strategy can be obtained from MSOE’s Director of Digital Marketing. Social media identities, logon IDs and user names may not use MSOE’s name without prior approval from the Director of Digital Marketing.

All electronic communications and postings via social media channels that discuss MSOE or university-related matters will be subject to monitoring and/or search by MSOE at any time and for any reason, regardless of whether created during or outside of work time. When online networking affects an employee’s job performance, the performance of others or university business interests, MSOE will respond as necessary, regardless of whether the information was posted during or outside of work. Therefore, employees may not maintain an expectation of privacy with respect to public, online communications involving MSOE or university-related matters. Violation of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.

*Use of the word “customers” includes customers, students, alumni, campus visitors and others.

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