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With MSOE’s Summer Programs, students will be able to determine if Engineering, Nursing or Business is a good fit for them as well as what is important to them in their college search.

MSOE offers week-long, residential, academic camps for students who have completed their freshman, sophomore or junior year and are interested in exploring degrees in Engineering, Nursing or Business. Total camp cost is $750. (This includes all academic programming, housing and meals, and all evening activities; it doesn’t cover snacks or merchandise students wish to purchase during their free time.)

2017 Summer Programs dates:
Week One: July 9-14, 2017
Week Two: July 16-21, 2017
Week Three: July 23-28, 2017


Choose among three types of Summer Camps: Explore, Discover and Focus.

Explore Camps

New in 2017! Explore camps are an opportunity for students to spend the week rotating through half-day programs to learn about each of MSOE’s engineering and business majors and determine which interests them the most. Two majors will be introduced each day through hands-on curriculum. Majors include: business administration, user experience and communication design, construction management, and architectural, biomedical, biomolecular, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical and software engineering.

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Discover Camps

Discover camps cover four corresponding areas of engineering and are ideal for students who aren’t quite sure what field of engineering most interests them. (max capacity 80 students per camp)

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Focus camps

Focus camps are ideal for students who want to dive deeper into a specific degree. (max capacity 20 students per camp)

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Summer Programs Scholarships

If you will be submitting a Summer Programs scholarship application please do so BEFORE completing registration. After the registration and payment have been submitted, scholarship money can’t be issued. Visit our Summer Programs scholarship information page to see if you may be eligible for a scholarship.

What’s Next?

Now that you have selected a camp and registered with your payment you will receive a letter confirming your camp selection and camp dates.

By mid-May you will receive a large packet with additional forms that MUST be completed prior to the start of camp.

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