Summer Programs at MSOE

With MSOE’s Summer Programs, students will be able to determine if Engineering, Nursing or Business is a good fit for them as well as what is important to them in their college search.

Registration for 2018 Summer Programs is now open!

In the month of July, MSOE offers week-long, residential, academic camps for students who have completed their freshman, sophomore or junior year and are interested in exploring degrees in Engineering, Nursing or Business. 2018 Summer Programs begin the week of July 8-13, and run through the week of July 22-27.

Registration for each week-long camp is $800.

Choose among three types of Summer Camps: Explore, Discover and Focus.




Not sure where to start? Get your feet wet – Explore nine STEM fields over the course of one week.

Discover STEM fields in our Build and Design OR Computing Systems OR Medical Innovations camp!

Take a deeper dive into your future career. Focus on your favorite STEM field for a week!

More questions? Please contact us!

MSOE Summer Programs
Admissions Office
Phone: (800) 332-6763