Every year, thousands of K–12 students visit MSOE to take part in a variety of programs and competitions designed to foster and continue students’ excitement for the STEM fields. Specialized programming provides opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students to explore STEM through exciting, hands-on activities.

Whether it’s an elementary student learning the basics, a middle school student exploring new ideas, or a high school student thinking about careers or a future at MSOE, there’s something for everyone. MSOE offers afterschool programs, week-long residential and non-residential summer camps, group activities, competitions, seminars and more to get students excited about STEM early on.

Programs for Schools & Educators

Hands-on classroom activities, team competitions, summer camps and more, find the program that meets your students' needs.

Hear about the importance of STEM in MSOE's podcast, Rethink What's Possible:

Seandra Mitchell, vice president of student affairs and campus inclusion, and Liz Taylor, director of STEM, dive into the importance of diversity in STEM and MSOE’s efforts to offer STEM experiences to shape a more equitable future.