The CREATE Institute’s newest cohort of CREATE Student Fellows are busy at work making an impact on the MSOE community as well as the greater Milwaukee community.

The cohort is comprised of 10 Student Fellows from multiple different majors, each bringing a unique perspective and new ideas. The interdisciplinary cohort is a mix of experienced returning Student Fellows, as well as new fellows ready to bring fresh ideas to the table.    

“It’s great to see the fellows work together and bounce ideas off of each other,” said Natalie Villegas, assistant director of experiential learning. “Each student has a unique background and set of skills, so they all think a little differently. This diversity helps them hash out ideas and think about projects from different angles to develop multiple solutions.”

Last year the CREATE Student Fellows’ big project was the Desk Drive. The fellows collaborated with students, faculty and staff across campus to design, construct, assemble and distribute 100 desks to local K-12 students to accommodate online learning.

This year the Student Fellows are jumpstarting two projects, one that will serve the larger Milwaukee community and one that will serve the MSOE community. The cohort is split into two groups to tackle each project. While one group acts as the lead on one project, the other group serves as the supporting members, and vice versa. This allows both groups to hone their teamwork and leadership skills.

“Being a CREATE Student Fellow makes me proud,” said Brianna Davis. “I’m proud to represent the key values of the school, and I look forward to putting those values into action through my projects and connections I build within MSOE and the Milwaukee community.”

The CREATE Institute is dedicated to fostering the MSOE Mindset, and the CREATE Student Fellows are here to be ambassadors and peer-mentors to fellow students to ensure MSOE graduates are leaders of character, responsible professionals, passionate learners and value creators.

“I use all parts of the MSOE Mindset every day as a student and young professional. Specifically, I have learned the value of being a passionate learner. Choosing to show up to class every day and learn adds value to my everyday life and will benefit me and the company I go to work for post-graduation,” said Lily Swanson, CREATE Student Fellow.

In addition to spreading the MSOE Mindset, the CREATE Institute provides resources to faculty, staff and students while leveraging the university’s partnerships with industry.

2021-22 CREATE Student Fellows