Regent and alumnus Dr. Dwight Diercks ’90 has a challenge for MSOE students: the Rosie Supercomputer Super Challenge.

“Rosie” is MSOE’s very own supercomputer, which includes three NVIDIA DGX-1 pods, each with eight NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs, and 20 servers each with four NVIDIA T4 GPUs. The nodes are joined together by Mellanox networking fabric and share 200TB of network-attached storage.

What can you do with all of this computer power? That is exactly what Diercks wants to find out.

MSOE students: it’s time to demonstrate your skills in using MSOE’s supercomputer!

“Enter the Rosie Supercomputer Super Challenge for exciting CASH prizes, but also the knowledge that you will be cementing your foundation in the coming world of AI that will be invaluable to your future career in the workplace,” said Diercks. “I look forward to seeing the dramatic and exciting entries for our inaugural ROSIE Awards and hope to see you in the winner circle. I promise to personally make it extra exciting with a great new innovation that we have built at NVIDIA.”

If you’re taking your course work to the next level, developing a side project or completing something else notable using Rosie, this is for you! First-time Rosie users are encouraged to enter as well. Create a poster, short paper, or short video presentation on what you did and how you used Rosie.

  • What problem did you solve using Rosie?
  • Is there a solution you’ve developed with Rosie to improve a process, or answer to a difficult question?

The opportunities are endless! Here are a few examples of the ways AI will impact you and your career, according to Diercks:

  • AI will become great at writing code to solve the toughest problems
  • AI will automate/assist the toughest health care tasks
  • AI will allow us to architect/construct buildings more efficiently
  • AI will solve tough physics and material based mechanical engineering solutions
  • AI will change supply chain/logistics in dramatic fashion
  • AI will revolutionize how humans talk to machines and machines talk to humans...seamlessly
  • AI will allow us to simulate, build and run many personal and industrial robots  

“AI will change everything in your working lifetime,” said Diercks. “Revolutions in ALL aspects of engineering will occur, and MSOE is prepared for all of that and more.”

The Rosie Supercomputer Super Challenge is open to any MSOE student or team of MSOE students.

The competition will be judged by a panel including:

  • Dr. Dwight Diercks ’90, NVIDIA senior VP of software engineering, MSOE Regent
  • Nick Haemel ’02, NVIDIA VP of medical imaging and system software, MSOE Regent
  • Dr. Derek Riley, MSOE computer science program director
  • and others!


  • 1st $5,000 and an NVIDIA GPU
  • 2nd $3,000
  • 3rd $2,000

For more information, visit the Rosie Supercomputer Super Challenge.