The first class of Accelerated Second Degree B.S. in Nursing students graduated on Feb. 28. Nine students completed this degree program which was designed specifically for the adult working professional who already has earned a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in another discipline and is looking to change careers.

“Once I decided I wanted to be a nurse, I knew I wanted it to be a quick process since I already have a four-year degree,” said Allison Patterson. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology and minor in chemistry. “MSOE was offering an accelerated program that didn’t make you jump through hoops in order to get accepted. And I had heard wonderful things about the nurses that come out of the program. Having a high-end nursing simulation lab was also a major benefit of this program.”

“I wanted to be able to complete nursing school in as little time as possible, and MSOE was the first place I found where I could complete my degree in only 18 months. I also liked that MSOE offers a wide variety of clinical experiences,” said Michelle Lenz, who previously earned a bachelor’s degree in biology.

The program at MSOE features a compressed, year-round curriculum which enables students to enter the workforce as professional nurses in approximately 18 months.

According to Adam Pischke, it “offers the opportunity to get a BSN without having to retake all of the humanities and social sciences already taken as an undergraduate.” Pischke has a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology.

“I thought it was a well-rounded program with lots of diverse clinical experience and plenty of face-to-face time with professors,” said Leah Wilde, who will work in the cardiac step-down unit at Froedtert Hospital after graduation.

“I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to work hard and know that they want to become a vital part of the nursing community,” said Patteron. “It’s hard to find such dedicated professors who are willing to sacrifice their own time to see you succeed.”