The Grohmann Museum was one of three Milwaukee attractions to receive a GEMmy Award from the Midwest Travel Journalists Association (MTJA). GEMmy Awards alert travelers to outstanding and exceptional attractions, sites, events, accommodations, restaurants, drives, walks or excursions that they might overlook.

“We award GEMmy’s to those places you want to see when you’re traveling,” said Gary Knowles, MTJA president, during the award ceremony at the Grohmann Museum. “Locations around the world are nominated for GEMmy’s by MTJA journalists in the 13-state Midwest region. They are special places, and when you walk away you’re going to say ‘that was fun.’”

According to Visit Milwaukee, “It is incredibly uncommon for a destination to be awarded three GEMmy Awards, but the members of MTJA were so impressed with the attractions in Milwaukee that they felt all three were worthy of recognition.”  

Gothic Milwaukee and the Urban Ecology Center also were recognized with GEMmy Awards.