Hard work pays off. Just ask Jonathan Cobb, a biomolecular engineering major at MSOE who is involved in a wide variety of activities.  

“I have put myself into enough positions and opportunities around campus that I have been noticed as a go-to student leader,” he said. “This makes me feel like all of my hard work is paying off, and that I can actually do what I put my mind to. I enjoy the opportunities MSOE provides. Since it is a smaller school, there are many more options for you to go out and join something and possibly enter a leadership role for it.” 

Cobb wasn’t always the most outgoing personality. “I used to hate public speaking and talking in groups, but I made myself do it by putting myself in easy situations that required it. It made me a much more confident person and has helped my life a lot. I highly recommend trying to grow out of your comfort zone a bit.” 

Cobb has grown in a number of ways during his time at MSOE. As a junior, he already has an impressive resume: president for Student Union Board; leadership chair for Student Life; team captain for his intramural team; member of Society of Biological Engineers and Tau Beta Pi honors society; and student coordinator for MSOE Commencement.  

He chose MSOE for its biomolecular engineering program, which is on the cutting edge of technology, and his decision is paying off. The past two years he has worked at the Medical College of Wisconsin in a Biophysics Lab. “I helped with development of a drug that prohibits cancer growth in the brain and worked on an artificial intelligence system that can diagnose patients with cancer based on an MRI that was fed through the system.” 

Cobb continues to expand his leadership talents, and this year is part of the first cohort of CREATE Student Fellows. “I wanted to become a CREATE Fellow because I thought it was a great opportunity to grow my leadership skills on campus while also helping the other students around campus however I could. I am hoping to increase awareness of the MSOE Mindset around campus by being involved in projects and cool initiatives.”