Chemical and biomolecular engineering is a diverse, application-driven discipline in the areas of medical, agricultural, environmental, biotechnical, and other related areas. International and national chemical and biological industries seek engineering graduates who are prepared to work at the molecular level in life-sciences related fields. The curriculum is a balanced combination of engineering, math, science, computation and HU/SS courses. Along with rigorous hands-on laboratory training, these courses address the cross-disciplinary nature of chemical and biomolecular engineering.

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Working at the interface of engineering and molecular biology, graduates from this program solve engineering problems, improve current, and develop new products and processes at the molecular level.

The chemical and biomolecular engineering curriculum prepares graduates to handle the changing face of the chemical and bio-industries, thus allowing flexibility of career opportunities in a dynamic job market. The curriculum also prepares graduates to pursue quality graduate programs nationally and internationally.

You may want to consider Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering if you …

  • Enjoy chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics
  • Prefer to work at the molecular level of cells and cellular systems
  • Are detail oriented, able to measure precisely and use complex instruments
  • Are able to communicate well and work in teams
  • Have a desire to help others


This program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and Program Criteria for Chemical, Biochemical, Biomolecular and Similarly Named Engineering Programs.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Program Details

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Graduate Outcomes


We're proud that 100% of 2022-23 graduates from our chemical and biomolecular engineering program are fully employed, enrolled in graduate school or enlisted in a branch of the military after graduation.

2024 Career Connections Center Annual Report

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