Did you hear that? It's registration time soon! Week 9 is here, and you are in the home stretch for your Fall 2019 Quarter at MSOE! If you haven't cleared your account balance with Student Account, now is the time to do so. MSOE's Financial Aid Office can assist in getting verification, final high school transcripts, and other missing paperwork done, but we need you to stop by if you have any outstanding documents from us!

We are repromoting and accepting applications for two of our business scholarships from the Career Fair! If you haven't considered applying for our Weimer or Precision Plus business scholarships, this is a great opportunity!

MSOE's One Scholarship Application can enter you for many scholarships still to come in the next year. Make sure you fill it out and submit this week!

On top of that, we're putting up 10 other scholarships to apply to! Make sure you check out the ASPE Wisconsin Chapter Scholarship, as that's just for Wisconsin engineers or potential engineers. On top of that, the US Department of Defense Offers a full tuition scholarship. The applications are open until December for the upcoming academic year!

Added Today (12):

MSOE Donor Funded Scholarships: Coming Soon!

Please fill out the General Scholarship Application for the current academic year to be considered for any of these. We're hard at work deciding our Career Fair Scholars for 2020-2021, but we will have new scholarships available in 2020!

Due this Month: 11