MSOE’s formula hybrid team took first place overall in the hybrid category at the 2022 SAE Formula Hybrid Vehicle Competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. In addition to the first-place trophy, MSOE students also won the IEEE Excellence in Project Management Award. Competition scoring is equally split between team performance and vehicle performance.

After a two-year absence from the event, all teams struggled a bit having their cars track ready. It came down to MSOE’s strong showing in the project management and design events which led them to the win. Teams are judged based on reports submitted pre-competition and formal presentations given at the event.

The team consists of approximately 40 students and includes mechanical engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and computer science majors who work on the vehicle throughout the year to perfect its design. Matt Schaefer, associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department, serves as the advisor for the team.

Team members who attended the competition include: Liam Anders, mechanical engineering; Kyle Grimm, mechanical engineering; Zack Hatseras, mechanical engineering; Dwight Maynor, mechanical engineering; Johnathon Olson, mechanical engineering; Joshua Rausch, mechanical engineering; Robi Roy, mechanical engineering; Connor Sadowski, mechanical engineering; Kyle Thome, mechanical engineering; Kevin Tong, mechanical engineering; Raul Velazquez Camarena, electrical engineering; and Matt Zagorski, mechanical engineering.