Coffee connoisseurs may soon have another option near campus to get their daily dose of caffeine.  

Discourse: A Liquid Workshop is in discussion with Direct Supply’s Innovation & Technology Center (ITC) to open a café in the ITC at 1020 N. Broadway. Discourse prides itself on serving craft coffee and tea drinks with unique ingredients, as well as traditional beverages. 

Direct Supply leases the building from MSOE and uses it for work focused on improving existing technologies and developing forward-thinking innovations related to senior health.  

Some of the most popular coffee shops and cafés near MSOE include:

  • Roscoe’s Café, proudly serving Starbucks, on the third floor of the MSOE Campus Center, 1025 N. Broadway
  • Grace Place Coffee, 250 E. Juneau Ave.
  • Starbucks in Red Arrow Park, 920 N. Water St.