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How is MSOE offering classes? How will labs be conducted?
Courses will be taught in a hybrid mode. Hybrid learning means a mix of online and in-person courses. Faculty will deliver course content in a hybrid mode of instruction where hands-on, application-oriented activities will take place on campus while supporting lecture content is delivered online. On-campus academic activities will be limited by classroom and laboratory capacity, based on social and physical distancing requirements. For example, students may alternate lab time with a classmate, or you may be asked to make an appointment for lab time with an instructor. Your professors will share details on how each class will function.  

What are my options if I am reluctant to take in-person classes?
Students who would like to request a 100% virtual learning experience are encouraged to contact the Office of the Dean of Students at to determine what options might be available to them.

How will I know which classes are online and which are hybrid?
MSOE’s hybrid format means there are both in-person and online classes. Your schedule that is posted on will indicate if your courses are online or if they will meet in-person on campus. Regardless of how courses are meeting, MSOE faculty are prepared to deliver the same high-quality education MSOE is known for. Each professor will communicate with his or her students regarding specifics for each class.

How will hybrid learning affect class sizes?
Overall class sizes won’t change, however, in-person activities will have limited capacity to allow for social distancing.

Where can I study on campus?
All of MSOE's common areas are open, however there will be a reduced amount of furniture to encourage social distancing and decrease the number of people in the space.

How will students be graded?
MSOE will follow its traditional grading system (A, AB, C, etc.)

If I have online courses, will MSOE provide a tuition reduction for these courses?
MSOE will not be adjusting tuition as the student learning experience, while different, is not any less than if we were 100% on campus. Faculty are still teaching the same amount, holding office hours, and in many cases dedicating more of their time in the laboratories so they can work with fewer students in the spaces at a time.

How will MSOE ensure that in-person classes will adhere to COVID safety guidelines?
MSOE is implementing numerous safety policies and procedures to keep students, faculty and staff safe on campus. Classroom and laboratory capacities have been decreased to allow for social distancing, and enhanced cleaning procedures have been put in place. Everyone is required to wear a mask at MSOE. To ensure these policies and procedures are followed, students are required to follow the Raider Responsibility Pledge, pledging to protect themselves, others and the Raider community. If students do not follow the guidelines, they will be asked to leave campus and repercussions will follow.

How will my courses be affected if I have an illness or am self-isolating due to suspected illness?
Any time a student is feeling ill (regardless of the type of illness), they are encouraged to reach out to their professors to let them know they will not be in class and make arrangements to get lecture notes or make up missed work. Students who are isolating because they have COVID-19, or suspect they may, are asked to NOT attend classes in person and to report their isolation to the Dean of Students Office, who will help support students’ academic needs and, if needed, assist with communication to your faculty. If students are able to continue course work virtually while in isolation, they are encouraged to do so. If students are unable to do course work while in isolation, then the Dean of Students Office will work with students and faculty to make accommodations to assure their education continues as best possible for their situation. These are processes we’ve had in place long before COVID-19 and it has worked quite well. 

Residence Life

Should I sign a lease for an off-campus apartment?
This is an individual decision that you must make for yourself. We encourage you to reach out to your landlord to discuss options, as many of them in the neighborhoods surrounding MSOE are offering month-to-month lease options, or the ability to end your lease early.  

How many students will be living in each dorm room? 
There will be two students per dorm room, however any student who lives in the residence halls and requests a single room instead of a double room will be accommodated. 

If I do not feel comfortable having a roommate, will MSOE accommodate one student per dorm room?
Any student who lives in the residence halls and requests a single room instead of a double room will be accommodated.

Will students in residence halls be provided cleaning supplies?
Yes. There is a cleaning supply closet on each floor of the residence halls for students. There will be disinfectant spray and paper towels available for students. We also recommend that students bring their own cleaning supplies if there is something specific they like to use.

I am an international student, how will my arrival on campus be affected by COVID in the US? What happens if I am unable to enter the US for fall quarter due to closed boarders?
International students are asked to arrive in the U.S. and quarantine off-campus for the 14 days prior to the start of classes.

Policies and Procedures

 What policies do I need to be aware of related to COVID-19?

What is MSOE’s policy regarding masks?
MSOE has instituted a Facial Covering Policy; the City of Milwaukee passed an ordinance requiring masks in the city; and the State of Wisconsin issued a mask mandate. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information. MSOE will provide each student, faculty and staff member with two masks.

What other policies will be implemented on campus focused on student health and safety?
MSOE is implementing numerous policies to keep students safe, including facial coverings, reduced class sizes with socially distant seating, enhanced cleaning efforts, and additional hand sanitizer dispensers across campus. Please review the Raider Return Plan for full details.

Can I eat or drink in the classrooms and laboratories?
Please refrain from eating or drinking in the classrooms and laboratories so that you are able to keep your facial covering in place.

How will social distancing work?
In-person classroom/laboratory meetings will focus on the hands-on, application-oriented activities that are hallmark of an MSOE education. We are reducing the capacity of these spaces to allow for proper social distancing. Faculty will utilize digital and online formats to supplement in-person activities and to deliver most of the lecture-based content. In common areas, furniture will be removed to reduce the number of people gathered in an area and encourage social distancing. In addition, we are implementing one-way foot traffic in the buildings where possible, and, of course, requiring facial coverings of everyone who is on campus. Students living in the residence halls will follow one-way traffic patterns, minimize use of common areas, limit the number of residents in the community bathrooms, laundry areas and elevators, and more. Further details are available in the Raider Return Plan.

What should I do if I feel a member of the MSOE community isn't exhibiting safe COVID-19 behavior? 
For concerns related to student behavior, please email the Office of the Dean of Students at For concerns related to employee behavior, please email Human Resources at

What could cause MSOE to shut down again?
The Milwaukee Health Department, together with university administration, will make quarantine and closing decisions on a case-by-case basis.

How is the city of Milwaukee handing COVID, and what is their response compared to other large cities? You can learn more about the City of Milwaukee’s Moving Milwaukee Forward Plan online.

What if I need technical support?
The Information Technology Department is offering remote support for a majority of your technical support needs. You can initiate a request for support by emailing or calling (414) 277-7288. Where remote support is deemed insufficient by the Help Desk, users will schedule a 10-minute block for limited in-person support.

How is MSOE cleaning and disinfecting across campus?
In addition to the routine custodial cleaning schedule, the university has implemented an enhanced cleaning frequency to clean and disinfect common areas and commonly touched surfaces in occupied buildings. Touchpoints such as entrance handles, handrails, elevator buttons, tables, restroom stall handles/doors are being cleaned at least once daily, five days a week, using EPA-registered disinfectants. Each person is encouraged to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands frequently. MSOE installed more than 40 additional dispenser stations containing alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout campus, and will continue to review needs. Dispenser stations are available at building entrances and elevators, near time clocks, and other frequently visited locations. It is recommended that each person carries their own hand sanitizer bottle as well. Although hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of the virus, practicing the CDC’s proper hand-washing technique is considered to be more effective.  

Classrooms, Laboratories, Meeting Rooms
We are asking faculty and staff to help keep everyone healthy by thoroughly cleaning classrooms, laboratories and meeting rooms with Terminator disinfectant when they are done using the space.

Procedures are being developed to clean printers and copy machines on a regular basis, but they will not be cleaned in between each use. You are encouraged to bring a stylus to reduce the number of times you have to physically touch the device, and to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after using the device (and clean your stylus regularly).

COVID-19 Symptoms and Testing

Are students required to go through COVID testing?
MSOE is conducting surveillance testing each week.

What should I do if I am exhibiting symptoms or feel I may have been exposed?
Students who live on campus and are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, are asked to immediately put on a mask, self-isolate and contact the Dean of Students (during business hours) or MSOE Public Safety (after business hours) to report symptoms and receive assistance in relocating to an on-campus isolation location. The COVID-19 Isolation Protocol for Students will help guide you through the process. Faculty, staff and non-resident students should isolate in their own residence and contact their primary health care provider. Students should contact the Dean of Students during business hours. Employees should alert their supervisor and the Human Resources Department. Students also are encouraged to reach out to their professors to let them know they will not be in class and make arrangements to get lecture notes or make up missed work. If their absence extends beyond a few days, then MSOE will work with students to make accommodations to assure their education continues as best possible for their situation. Additional information is available in the Raider Return Plan.

Where can I get tested for COVID?
A list of testing locations is available in the Raider Return Plan, at Test Up MKE and Wisconsin Health Connect

What is the protocol if a student tests positive for COVID-19?
Please review the Raider Return Plan for details.

What if I am required to quarantine? 
If you live on campus and have an MSOE meal plan, MSOE will provide you with a room and bring your meals to you through the duration of your isolation period. Students and employees who live off campus are asked to find a place within their house or apartment to self-isolate. Additional information is available in the Raider Return Plan.

What is considered an “outbreak” that would close all or a portion of campus?
The Milwaukee Health Department, together with university administration, will make quarantine and closing decisions on a case-by-case basis.

If I am feeling anxious/concerned about COVID, who should I talk to?
MSOE Counseling Services is available to help you with your personal and mental health needs. Call (414) 277-7590 to make an appointment to speak with a counselor.

Campus Life and Student Activities

What will on-campus dining look like?
The new Spitzer Dining Commons will open on the third floor of the Campus Center this fall. Our new food service vendor, American Dining Creations (ADC) has developed a COVID-19 response plan that encompasses food preparation safety measures and alternative food options. MSOE has worked with ADC to tailor their response plan to our campus environment and includes the following elements:

  • Adjusted dining hours to help with continuous services, congestion avoidance and to allow for proper cleaning
  • Enhanced sanitation protocols and personal protective equipment for all food service employees
  • Limited seating with maximum capacity restrictions per table to allow for proper social distancing measures to be followed
  • Elimination/reduction of self-service options including fountain beverages, condiments and salad bar and replaced with bottled, single-served packages and pre-made options
  • Enhanced Grab & Go items available for those who want to minimize time in common areas
  • Touchless order and payment system for dining customers
  • Contactless access to the cafeteria for MSOE students and employees who have a meal plan or Raider dollars

How will COVID-19 affect student activities and student organizations?
Students will be able to enjoy campus life through a series of activities (virtually and in-person following social distancing and safety protocols). Student organizations are also encouraged to stay active while following proper guidelines.

How will COVID-19 affect the Career Fairs?  
This year’s Career Fairs will be held virtually on Career Fair Plus. You will be able to virtually meet, interact and network with potential employers who are looking to hire MSOE students for both internships and full-time job opportunities. Career Services is available to help you prepare for the Career Fair and connect you with employers.  

What is the status of fall sports?
The Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC) postponed all conference regular-season competitions and championship events through Dec. 31, 2020. Please go to and contact your coach for more information and updates.  

Will the Kern Center still be available for student use?
The Kern Center is currently open for students, faculty and staff to use. In regulation with Wisconsin’s mask mandate, facial coverings are required while working out in the Kern Center. Visit for more information.


What is the status of campus tours? Can I bring my family for a tour at this time?
MSOE is offering one-on-one campus tours with extra safety precautions in place. No more than four people per family are allowed on the tour and facial coverings are required. Tours are by appointment only, no walk-ins. Call 800-332-6763 to schedule your tour. Learn more at

I’m thinking of deferring my enrollment for fall. What are my options?
Deferring means a student is choosing to delay starting their study/enrollment at MSOE until a later quarter or year. This also means student CANNOT take ANY college level courses at any other institute of higher education. Should a student defer and take a course, the student will lose deferment status (including scholarships earned) and need to reapply as a transfer student. MSOE highly recommends speaking with your Admissions Counselor before deferring (or withdrawing) to discuss options. Please call (414) 277-7200 if you have any questions or to speak with your Admissions Counselor.

I’m having a difficult time signing up for the ACT/SAT test. How is MSOE accommodating this?
We encourage you to submit your test scores if you are able to. However, if you choose not to send one or have not taken the ACT or SAT you will not be at a disadvantage in the admissions decision making process.


Is MSOE hiring student workers for the fall quarter?
Student employment will resume for the fall term. The need for student employees will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Students should talk with their supervisors to check on need.

What should I do if I am exhibiting symptoms or feel I may have been exposed to COVID-19?
Faculty and staff should isolate in their own residence, contact their primary health care provider, and contact their supervisor and the HR Department for further guidance. Additional information is available in the Raider Return Plan.

Will MSOE health benefits cover COVID-19 testing?
Testing is mandated by the CARES Act and is covered at 100%. There is no limit to the number of tests a person can receive.  

I would like to request an accommodation related to COVID-19. What do I do?
Employees with certain medical conditions that place them in a higher risk category for COVID-19 and do not wish to return to campus are encouraged to contact MSOE’s Human Resources Department to discuss the established process for receiving a medical accommodation.  

How will we be notified if there are positive COVID cases on campus?
Through contact tracing, you will be notified if someone you were in close contact with has tested positive. Close contact, as defined by the CDC, is being within 6 feet of an infected person for 15 minutes or longer.  

What is Rave Guardian and why am I being asked to download it?
In addition to campus safety and security, Rave Guardian is going to play a critical role in monitoring the health of our campus community to prevent a widespread outbreak of COVID-19. Students are required to use the app daily to submit COVID-19 wellness checks. Because we are all one community, faculty and staff are asked and strongly encouraged to also submit COVID-19 wellness checks. Each morning, you will get a push notification to compete the daily wellness questions. Wellness checks consist of a series of questions. Rave Guardian will provide you with more information based on your response.  

What it I don’t have a smart phone and therefore can’t download Rave Guardian?
A paper form is available for you at under the employee tab.  

Please tell me more about the COVID-19 training that I need to complete as an employee.
In accordance with MSOE’s Raider Return Plan, MSOE will require all students, faculty and staff to complete a COVID-19 training program prior to the start of the 2020–21 academic year. The course is called “Your Campus and COVID-19: The Road Back” and was created to provide students, faculty and staff with best practices for protecting their own health and the health of those around them. The course will include topics such as transmissibility, preventive measures, testing and treatment, and changes to the campus environment. Contact HR at with any questions.  

Where can I find the Raider Responsibility pledge?
You can find the Raider Responsibility pledge in the Raider Return Plan and online.

Other Questions

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