Commitment to Learning and Discovery

Strategies & Actions Owner / Status Update
Strategy: Enhance learning throughout our community for students, faculty and staff.
Action: Identify, pursue and implement strategies to improve the success of all MSOE students including the elimination of equity gaps for underrepresented students. Meyer/Sabel/Ross
In progress
Form a Faculty Development Committee to direct efforts for sharing, learning and implementing faculty best practices. Identify common spaces (physical and virtual) for easy access to student support services and remove stigma of access. This will include graduate and undergraduate. Assess existing space around high-impact review spaces on campus/Co-requisite Committee and Task Force - Online forum (Piazza)/Library continues to evolve; consider timelining. Identify and implement initiatives to increase enrollment of non-dominate gender by major. Launched the Achieve Team, Math Intervention Team, and Anatomy and Physiology JumpStart Team.
Action: Facilitate, recognize and reward engagement by our faculty, staff and administrators in professional development that supports instructional innovation. Baumgartner/Leitzke
In progress
CREATE facilitates instructional innovation - recognize and reward continues to evolve; rewards and incentive for faculty for the development of online courses in partnership with Everspring.
Action: Put systems in place to continuously evaluate and improve the learning and teaching experience across all modalities. Leitzke/Williams/Domack
In progress
Establish standards and quality assurance program for online component of all courses
Strategy: Enhance our educational programs to deepen experiential learning and focus on the development of the professional.
Action: Ensure a robust framework is in place to periodically review all existing and proposed new undergraduate and graduate degree programs for health, institutional alignment, instructional approaches, and ability to meet the needs of our constituencies. Baumgartner/Thachenkary/Meyer
In progress
Begun defining the health metrics of an academic program in terms of its academic health, financial health and market health
Action: Evaluate the ways in which we grant academic credit to our students. Baumgartner
In progress
Occurring as a part of the work around transfer evaluation.
Action: Optimize review processes for existing educational programs to ensure their fitness with the University mission, values and strategy. Meyer
In progress
Program Directors Council will be evaluating various assessment practices during the current academic year and putting forward a recommendation for CAP review.
Strategy: Ensure that all students use real-world projects and initiatives in their field of study or extracurricular interest to benefit society and the communities where we live and work.
Action: Expand the work of the CREATE Institute in coordinating, tracking and assessing project-based experiential learning opportunities across campus and connecting these opportunities to the MSOE Mindset and Common Learning Outcome development. Leitzke
In Progress
Utilize EduSource to coordinate project-based experiential learning opportunities
Action: Provide professional development and support for faculty to integrate project-based learning and other high-impact practices into the curriculum in ways that promote student development, strengthen industry connections, and meet the needs of community partners. Williams/Leitzke/Domack
In Progress
Exploring dedicated time for faculty to engage in internal Professional Development (PD): including designating a required weekly free hour in semester calendar; integration into PEAS; summer PD with stipends; monetarily rewarded completion badges.
Action: Establish a center responsible for defining, identifying, and tracking success of such opportunities. Baumgartner
The CREATE Institute has been established and has completed the hiring process for both staff and faculty positions within the Institute. 
Strategy: Enable all full-time faculty to engage in ongoing, meaningful, and productive scholarly activities.
Action: Facilitate widespread faculty scholarly activities and professional development with mentorship, teaching assignments, space allocation, equipment and recognition. Baumgartner 
In progress

Task force created. Co-chairs: Steve Williams and Patrick Jung. A series of recommendations for broadening facilitation of faculty scholarly activities and professional development have been developed.

Strategy: Develop a funded, nationally-recognized, application-oriented undergraduate research program
Action: Align faculty hiring, retention and promotion practices to recognize undergraduate research emphasis. Baumgartner
Overhaul of faculty evaluation system; strengthened articulation of scholarly efforts.
Action: Assign workload for faculty advising undergraduate research projects. Baumgartner
In Progress
Courses have been developed and placed in the semester transition. It has been identified as a part of a future comprehensive campaign. The next step is to address the workload, and structure to support the initiatives.
Action: Specify undergraduate research curricular applicability for every undergraduate program at MSOE and institute a curricular colloquia series for undergraduate researchers. Baumgartner
Committee on curricular component of undergraduate research; report completed and recommendations delivered.
Strategy: Raise awareness and understanding of scholarship throughout MSOE.
Action: Ensure all faculty understand and embrace the definition of scholarship at MSOE, building on work already accomplished in this area. Baumgartner
Task force launched in 2019 to formalize definition of scholarship that is now included in the faculty handbook.
Action: Have Faculty Senate and Faculty Council form working definition of “Scholarship at MSOE.” Baumgartner
Strategy: Advance our mission and build on our distinctive strengths and values by leveraging online, blended and technology-enhanced classroom instruction in ways that improve learning, increase revenue, and enhance MSOE’s reach and reputation.
Action: Reimagine our post-graduate and non-degree programs to enhance the MSOE experience and better meet the life-long learning needs of our constituents. Barratt/Burdue/Valley/Bergen
In Progress
Steering committee has been formed to launch an internal review of existing non-credit bearing opportunities at MSOE; an external review of existing professional schools and centers has been completed; the committee will be hosting a forum for local corporate partners to discuss opportunities to support their workforce in February 2023; a business plan will be developed for the future program.
Action: Ensure that blended and online offerings robustly engage students with real-world projects in ways equivalent to the opportunities students have on campus. Baumgartner/Leitzke
In Progress
Announcement of Everspring partnership on February 28, 2022
Action: Ensure that all necessary infrastructures and systems are in place for long-term success including systems that stimulate innovation in online and technology-enhanced learning and instruction.

Baumgartner/Leitzke/Thomas     Valley/Thachenkary/Blessing      In Progress

Implement Everspring market research study recommendations to develop initial set of high quality online graduate programs (MBA and MSML) and certificates (AI for Emerging Applications, Applied ML, and ML Engineering). Continue work with Everspring to develop select high-quality online programs driven by market needs. Make a website for Center for Teaching and Learning offered by the CREATE Institute. Identify, create, and pilot the right number of high impact UG courses for multi-modal delivery using the Everspring model. Develop systems/procedures to maximize use of existing innovative and collaborative classrooms while a long-term solution is developed. Prioritize the creation of innovative and collaborative classroom learning environments throught the Campus Master Plan. The bookstore has initiated an internal campaign and series of presentations to faculty members about increasing use of digital books with the goal of reaching 16% of course materials being delivered digitally by end of AY 2023.