Dr. Subha KumpatyThe PI, Dr. Subha Kumpaty, Mechanical Engineering, has an extensive background in undergraduate research in his 25+ year teaching career. He has enabled numerous papers to be authored by undergraduates in his research expertise in heat transfer, additive manufacturing, and numerical modeling. He has mentored undergraduates in one-on-one research projects (REU, IRES) and in senior design projects; and directed graduate students in capstone projects. He was awarded the 2006 Karl O. Werwath Research Award, the highest honor for contribution to applied research at MSOE. He is a recipient of 2011 Oscar Werwath Distinguished Teacher Award. He has long-standing collaboration with Dr. Parrish of Northwestern University on AM applications related to brain modeling. Dr. Kumpaty has served as an external examiner on several Masters and Ph.D. theses at various institutions both in India and South Africa.

Dr. Vipin PaliwalDr. Vipin Paliwal, Physics and Chemistry, teaches biochemistry and organic chemistry at MSOE. Before joining MSOE, Dr. Paliwal was a full-time faculty scientist at Yale University for 13 years where he conducted research in molecular immunology that resulted in numerous publications in national and international journals. He served as co-PI for a Biomedical Technology Alliance grant, Methods to identify chemotherapeutic lead inhibitors for PATs.Dr. Paliwal is an active advisor in the REU program. Dr. Paliwal’s recent research involved Engineering and testing of Anti-cancer drug delivery nanodevices.

Dr. Nathan Patterson, Mechanical EngineeringDr. Nathan Patterson, Mechanical Engineering, is our newest addition as an REU advisor in 2021 and teaches courses in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering fields. He has led multiple additive manufacturing focused senior design experiences for MSOE students as well as computational and software-development focused undergraduate research experiences. He is a co-inventor on multiple additive manufacturing patents and has experience in software development, educational game design and development, and co-founded a 3D printer company. His current research focuses on development and testing of a data-driven aerodynamic design tutor for use in undergraduate CFD education.

Dr. Wujie Zhang, Physics and Chemistry, teaches in the biomolecular engineering and has expertise in micro to nano-scale technology. He has advised REU participants in bioprinting and nanofabrication.  An expert in biopolymers, nanotechnology, drug delivery and tissue engineering, he received the Karl O. Werwath Research Award and Falk Educator Award in 2016. Under his supervision, more than 10 peer-reviewed journal articles have been published with undergraduate students as first and/or co-authors. He served as a PI for an NSF I-Corps program and is a co-PI on two grants from international collaboration.

Ms. Betty AlbrechtMs. Betty Albrecht, Assistant Dean of Students, has a track record of working with minority students, low-income, first generation college students and students with disabilities. Awarded the 1997 Johanna Seelhorst Werwath Distinguished Staff Award for service, she helps in recruitment of underrepresented populations and ensures appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. She helps in week-to-week counseling for the REU participants.  

Ms. Judith Eroe, Executive Director of Assessment, Grand Canyon University serves as the External Evaluator for the REU Site. She is active in the Higher Learning Commission’s assessment of teaching and learning, diversity issues and continuous improvement.  She attends the REU final oral presentations each year and provides annual evaluation with suggestions for improvement as appropriate.