MSOE values industry collaboration and partnership to advance education. Using an array of subject matter experts, we can either deliver our standard course or create custom programs in virtually any subject area just for you. Contact us directly or fill out online contact request form. We’ll use it as a starting point to talk about opportunities for professional development, customization or consulting.

Why choose MSOE’s Professional Education?

Professional development can help you advance in your current organization, transition to new responsibilities, and excel in your career. Continuing education units required by your industry can be met through professional education at MSOE.

We offer both public and customized courses that cover a wide breadth of topics, providing expertise and guidance for strategic decision making in order to:

  • Leverage strategic strengths
  • Improve employee performance
  • Implement production efficiencies
  • Enhance workplace culture

Consulting Services

MSOE offers consulting to firms and individuals who request the expertise and guidance for decision making in order to: leverage strategic strengths, improve staff performance, implement production efficiencies, enhance workplace culture, and increase global competitive performance. MSOE consultants are highly-qualified experts who offer thorough assessments and action plans to companies in need of consultative support.

Public and Customized Offerings

True to MSOE’s long-held tradition of practical and directly applicable learning, MSOE provides year-round public and customized learning options to the MSOE community and beyond. We offer a one-stop resource for your professional development needs.

Professional Engineers Advancing Knowledge (PEAK)

MSOE provides professional engineers (PEs) with the courses they need for PE relicensure, according to the guidelines of the Wisconsin Department of Instruction. PEs can earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) on a Saturday at MSOE once a quarter. GPE offers 8 PDHs for these full-day seminars with a broad range of relevant topics delivered by highly-qualified professionals.

Our Corporate Customers

We especially value our relationships with organizations and companies of all sizes. Our current industry partners benefit from innovative and custom learning experiences. Prepare your workforce for the future with Professional Education’s courses and certificate programs.

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