This 18-hour, three-day review session is conducted at MSOE followed by the certification exam on the fourth day. The objective of the course is to walk the participants through the study manual provided by IFPS in order to maximize their chance to pass the certification exam.

Program Overview:

CEUs: 1.8
Cost: $900

What is the IFPS?

The International Fluid Power Society is the only organization that offers comprehensive technical certification for all professionals in the field of fluid power and motion control industry.

Who Should Attend:

Certification is designed for candidates who are involved in hydraulic system sales, design, modeling and supervising system operation.

What is the Process of Certification?

After the three-day review session provided by MSOE, participants will take the certification exam on fourth day. Exam will be provided and proctored by IFPS. The test is 3-hours, 50-questions, and multiple-choice type of test. You need to get 35 correct answers out of 50 questions. If you fail, you can re-schedule taking the exam at a later time. If you pass, you will be issued a “Hydraulic Specialist” certificate. The certificate is good for five years. After five years you do not need to retake the exam, you need only to renew the certification (instructions for renewal are provided by IFPS).

Why Get Certified?

  • The “Hydraulic Specialist” certification is an internationally recognized certification.
  • The certificate is portable – it goes with the individual wherever they work.
  • Certifications help individuals advance their careers and introduce themselves to the global job market.
  • Certification sets individuals apart as leaders in their chosen field of work.
  • Certification will help a vendor provide over-the-top quality and acquire ISO certification easily.
  • Certified personnel help make the work environment safe and improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of a machine operation.

Program Details:

Course Outline:

  • Job Responsibility 1: Understand the Function of Hydraulic Components in Circuits
  • Job Responsibility 2: Analyze Loads and Motion
  • Job Responsibility 3: Select Components for Hydraulic Systems
  • Job Responsibility 4: Analyze and Troubleshoot Hydraulic Systems
  • Job Responsibility 5: Electrohydraulic Control Systems


  • Days 1-3: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Lunch: noon to 1 p.m.
  • Day 4 (Exam Day): 9 a.m. – noon.

Continental breakfast and lunch will be served daily. Beverages/Snacks provided throughout the day.

Additional Details:

  • Review session and exam can be taken to a customer’s site.
  • Please consider bringing a pencil, eraser and non-programmable scientific calculator. 
  • Review session fee does not include exam fee. It is the responsibility of the attendees to apply for the exam, pay the exam fee at IFPS and obtain the study manual no later than two weeks from the review session.
  • Register for the exam online or call (800) 308-6005 x14.

We also recommend that you get the following book to help you further be prepared for the exam (you will be allowed to take these with you for the exam as well)

  1. Fluid Power Reference Handbook
  2. Fluid Power Math for Certification