Technical Sales Workshop for Professionals

The role of a sales professional continues to evolve as global market pressures drive more competitors and need for enhanced techniques. Listening, observing and responding in an increasingly online world, requires new verbal and nonverbal cues to help uncover your customers’ needs and concerns. Sales teams need to learn about new remote & virtual selling tools to build customer relationships, reduce sales cycles & grow new revenues.

Workshop Benefits include:

  •  Building networking & prospecting confidence to help build your influence and reach
  • Discovering new tools to identify customer needs and develop prospecting tools
  • Crafting effective strategies to identify and develop new business opportunities
  • Learning about different sales approaches and customer acquisition strategies
  • Practicing discussion (presentation) styles and how to adapt it to specific audiences
  • Leveraging sales enablement tools and AI to be more effective and efficient
  • Personalized feedback, MSOE best practice sales toolbox and proven techniques
  • Reduced selling cycles, expanded relationships and closing more business

Course Details

Date: TBD (online) or TBD (in-person)
Time: Online or In-Person: 8am – 4pm (each day)
           8 - 11 lecture / 11-1 project work & lunch / 1 - 4 lecture
Location: Zoom/MS Teams and TBD (in-person location)
CEUs: 1.6
Price: $1,775

This two-day workshop can take your sales game to the next level whether you’re a seasoned sales pro or new to the field. Sales professionals need to consistently build their skills and our instruction plus the MSOE sales toolbox will help them to thrive in the ultra-competitive, high-pressure world of sales. Our workshop is highly interactive, combining role playing, observation and personalized feedback to strengthen sales performance — and help you ultimately close more deals. Typical Agenda.

Who Should Attend

  • Sales engineers and technical sales professionals
  • Individuals with technical background and relevant work experience in sales
  • Individuals who desire to get better at selling their ideas and influencing others

“Our goal in this workshop is to help the sales professional or company sales team embrace a sales methodology that works for them and their product or service. Selling is a dialog with your customers that builds relationships with them by listening to “their” challenges and matching that with a value-based solution that solves their problems. Salespeople need to focus on what’s important to the prospect and/or customer to determine if there is a true fit to gain their business. .”

Eric B. Lien BSEE, MBA - adjunct faculty, experienced industry sales & marketing leader  

About the Instructor

Eric is a tech-savvy marketing & sales executive with fresh and creative ideas that make a difference whether he is teaching university graduate students or part of an executive team driving business results. His hands-on experience, engaging communication style and collaboration skills help to make his presentations memorable and useful. He believes in being a lifelong learner and has a passion for understanding the latest in sales, marketing, innovation, and technology trends. This workshop covers key areas of the sales process including networking, prospecting, lead generation, communication skills, sales enablement tools, sales discussion best practices and relationship development in a business to business (B2B) environment

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