Application Thesis - Cultural Immersion Part 1 (MG 8042a) Spring 2019

Tuesday Nights: March 5 though May 22

This course provides the foundation to Doing Business with China. Top leaders from an array of organizations will share their knowledge and experience on operating strategies and management issues. Thematic case-based learning will occurred through presentations by corporate leaders, readings, tours and discussions. Research, theory and application of the topic will be woven together with culture. Most class sessions will be held in a face to face format. Some will be virtual and some may be held at corporate sites. Preparation for the international servant leadership project and travel will occur. Deliverables include reflection papers, book reviews and interview summaries.

Application Thesis - Cultural Immersion Part  (MG 8042b) Summer 2019

Travel May 24 or 25 with return June 3 or 4 (will follow up in late June)

Learning will primarily occur through 11 days of travel to China. Focus will be on networking and learning from local business leaders during corporate tours and breakfast/lunch/dinner meetings and team building events. Cultural and historic understanding will occur through tours and immersion with shopping, public transportation, and the servant leadership project. Leadership development will occur through presentations at corporations, project management of the servant leadership project and taking an active role in leading some designated aspects of the travel. Deliverables for this course include reflection papers and an applied, scholarly learning contract.